Allison Shaw was the White House Chief of Staff, serving under President Michener and later President Oliver.


Shaw grew up in a small town were everybody knew everyone and even left their doors unlocked because they trusted each other. When the Red Flu pandemic began, Shaw witnessed her neighbors betray and kill each other to stay alive. Shaw and her mother, sister and nephew found refuge in a safe zone until the man who ran it kicked them all out because he wanted more food for himself. The Red Flu eventually claimed Shaw's family and she blamed the man who kicked them out of the safe zone and killed him in revenge. After the American Government was restored in 2015 thanks to the cure with President Jeffrey Michener leading the country, Shaw got a job as Michener's chief of staff and helped him write and organize his policies.

Events of The Last ShipEdit

In a meeting between her, Alex and President Michener, Alex accuses Chinese President Peng Wu of hoarding the cure, causing millions of Japanese to die from a supposed mutation in the virus and letting it spread Allison states he doesn't know that for a fact. When CNO Chandler walks in and asks about the mutation, Allison explains that they've received reports from the Southern Isles of Japan that suggest the cure was ineffective and the death toll is skyrocketing. When Alex says Peng bombed North Vietnam, Allison responds that the reports Alex have saying this are unconfirmed and Peng is their foreign partner in spreading the cure and they have no alternative, which President Michener regretfully agrees with. Allison is later present with President Michener and Alex when Kara tells them they lost contact with several members of the Nathan James' crew during a firefight with unknown hostiles at a nightclub in Hai Phong and when the Acting CO delivers the list of personnel who are MIA. (“The Scott Effect”)

After Alex claims Peng is responsible, Allison advises Alex that they wait for CNO Chandler's report on Peng to draw any conclusions. When Alex suggests sending the Hayward and Shackleton, Allison advises waiting until they have more information before sending anymore people into the region citing it could be a trap set by Peng and President Michener sides with Allison on the issue. Allison and Alex later discuss Michener's presidency while he is on video chat with two regional leaders, Senator William Beatty and Manuel Castillo. While Allison says people support him, Alex says people have a short memory. When Alex theorizes they feel they would be running the country if the cure was brought to them first, Allison counters with the fact neither of them were qualified to run the country and Michener was the only one of them appointed by Congress, making him the president. Alex counters that with the fact that he is an unelected president and an Immune to discredit her argument. When Kara reports that the plane, Sasha, and the security team still haven't reported in Allison tells Kara to keep trying the plane and advises both not to panic. Allison later puts a call from Peng through to Michener, who tells him that Chandler's plane went down but Chandler later turns up alive. (“Rising Sun”)

Allison is present when President Michener talks with Chandler discussing their next move, when Michener held his press briefing and when Alex bursts into the President's office showing them the video the pirates sent to their news stations of all the captured sailors displayed as POWs. (“Shanzhai”)

Allison watches the video with the rest of the command staff and advises releasing a statement before the other stations start rebroadcasting it. When Kara witnesses a local reporter, Jacob Barnes, questioning the President's honesty, Allison explains the President can't say more without jeopardizing the mission. When Alex suggests sending the Hayward and Shackleton to back up the Nathan James, Allison advises against this, thinking giving the pirates what they want could give Chandler more time which Alex rebukes. (“Devil May Care”)

She frequently sides with President Michener, and is his top advisor, helping him write and implement domestic policies. After the President's death, it is implied that Shaw and Michener had been in a romantic relationship beginning at some point after the president took office.

After President Michener's alleged suicide in the episode "In the Dark," she tells new president Howard Oliver that Michener's policies "are doing more harm than good."

Shaw, with the cooperation of four of the regional leaders, conducts a quiet coup d'etat in the episode "Paradise." She strips President Oliver of his powers and assigns a security detail loyal to her to guard and watch him, and states that she and the regional leaders want the regions to be able to govern themselves. Shaw also mentions to Oliver that she had Michener, Secretary Rivera, and Regional Leader Beatty murdered in order to achieve her goal. She forces Oliver to rescind all of Michener's policies, and even forces him to sign an arrest warrant for CNO Chandler, using the safety of his family as leverage.

After Kara Green and Tex rescue President Oliver from the St. Louis White House in "Legacy," Shaw announces the official suspension of the Constitution and government of the United States. She stays in St.Louis to act as a mediator for disputes between the regional leaders.

Shaw authorizes the murder of Chandler and the crew of the Nathan James during the episode "Resistance."

In "Don't Look Back" Shaw kidnaps Chandler's kids to force him to surrender to her. Shaw exchanges Chandler's kids for him and attempts to flee on a plane, explaining that Michener didn't learn the lesson of the plague: "there are winners and there are losers and if you want to be a winner you have to fight." Shaw explains that her family died during the plague due to one man's greed and it caused her to turn into the person she has become. As Shaw speaks to Chandler, Tex Nolan sneaks aboard the plane and takes out her guards while Sasha Cooper takes out the pilots with a sniper rifle and the rest of her men surrender to Slattery. However, Tex is shot in the gunfight and dies. Unphased, Shaw tells Chandler to arrest her and that someone else will just take her place. As Shaw taunts Chandler that he unleashed the worst in humanity rather than saving the world, Chandler shoots her dead. Chandler is left horrified by his killing of Shaw as he didn't have to it but admits that she's right in that America has lost its moral values.


Her actions left thousands dead, including President Jeffrey Michener, Senator William Beatty, Secretary of Foreign Affairs Alex Rivera, two men working for Tex, Jacob Barnes, the senior military command of the USA not willing to work with the regional leaders, Roberta Price, Jed Chandler, and Tex Nolan. They also left many survivors, most notably in America emotionally scarred through working with the regional leaders in cutting off the food to most of the population and even admitted what she did was wrong. She did not care saying

Peng WuEdit

This section is for people killed or effected by Peng and his men through her deal with him and her leaked information

She negotiated a partnership with Chinese President Peng Wu to turn a blind eye to his action if Peng killed CNO Tom Chandler. In pursuit of this, Peng had Chandler's plane bombed killing Valerie Raymond and the three crew members of his plane but not Chandler.

In addition she also helped Peng by giving him the location of the Nathan James on four separate occasions and resulted in loss of life on many sides. The first time she gave their location to Peng he gave the location to Takehaya’s pirates through another pirate. As a result, eight members of a Vietnamese security team, two Vietnamese civilians, five Japanese pirates, and five members of the Nathan James' crew were killed. AW1 G. Lincoln, Riley, Harris, and DaCunha were killed by Takehaya's men at the party by either shooting them or blowing up the helicopter the Nathan James was using. Lt (jg). Will Mason died of a gunshot he received in the altercation at the party after he was abducted with other crew members after the pirates pumped him dry of his blood. After the party, eight Japanese pirates were killed by Burk and Danny after they escaped being captured and seven were blown up by grenades fired onto their ship by Chandler and Wolf.

The second time, four pirates and six MSS officers are killed, the third time nineteen MSS officers are killed but the forth time dealt the most damage. That leak resulted in the destruction of two Navy Destroyers Shackleton and Hayward and resulted in the deaths of at least three hundred and eighty-five US Navy personnel, including Captain Hicks of the Shackleton.