Lieutenant Junior Grade Andy Chung was a Naval engineer. 


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known.

United States Navy ServiceEdit

Andy joined the Navy at an unknown point in time, where he became a Naval Engineer. USS Nathan James

Events of The Last ShipEdit

Season 2 -Edit

Andy died during an RPG attack on an oil rig.

In the series finale, Chung is one of the characters with whom Tom had served (most of them deceased,) who appears in his hallucination as he is drowning. Ultimately, Tom decides to keep fighting, swim to the surface, and live.

Awards and decorationsEdit

Personal decorations

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Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal
Unit awards

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Navy E Ribbon Navy “E” Ribbon
Campaign and service medals

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National Defense Service Medal

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Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal

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Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
Service and training awards

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Sea Service Deployment Ribbon
Other accoutrements
Surface Warfare Officer Insignia Surface Warfare insignia
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