Ashley Chandler is Tom Chandler's daughter.

Events of The Last ShipEdit

Season 1Edit

When Tom got his orders to deploy, Ashley, Sam and their mom each give him deployment gifts. Ashley's gift to Tom is a handmade wristband with her name on it. Ashley tells Tom she knows he can't wear it due to the Navy's regulations but Tom tells her he will keep in the pocket next to his heart. (“We'll Get There”)

Ashley Chandler

Ashley accompanies her mom and Sam to say good bye to Tom before he leaves on his four month mission. When the Red Flu pandemic broke out, Darien took Ashley and Sam to their grandfather's cabin where they survived. When Darien makes a video message to the Nathan James Ashley asks where he is and that they all miss him after Darien is done telling Tom what happened in his absence. (“Phase Six”)

When Jed returns from hunting, Ashley asks him what he managed to get and Jed responds the game was a little scarce and later helps her mom put groceries she scavenged away. The next day, Darien hands Ashley a glass of water while she is eating, unaware that Darien is infected. (“Trials”)

After all of them are infected, Ashley sits at the table next to her grandfather Jed as he desperately radios anyone for help. When no one responds Jed takes Ashley, Sam and Darien into his car and drives to Olympia, desperate to find a cure. On the way she witnesses Jed ram passed a checkpoint run by people trying to stop them. They eventually arrive at Olympia but Darien dies of the Red Flu and the people working there take her body. Ashley sees her dad and hugs him telling him they are all sick. Jed tells Tom about Darien while he gives them the cure. Ashley then escapes Olympia with her family after learning Olympia kills people and burns the bodies at a coal plant to power the city. (“No Place Like Home”)

Season 2Edit

After Tom and Burk commandeer a van, Ashley and her family get in and Tom drives them away from Olympia to meet more of Tom's men. Tom leaves Russ Jeter behind to protect Ashley, Jed and Sam while Tom, Burk, and Green head to the power plant to hurt Amy Granderson, the leader letting everything at Olympia happen. Ashley encourages Tom to do his job and hugs him before he leaves, telling him to stay safe. After Jeter finds a vacant house, Ashley enters with everyone else. Ashley gets anxious waiting for her father to come back when she notices Sam starting to get sick. Ashley helps Jed take care of Sam while Jeter leaves the house looking for meds. Ashley tries to call Tom but Jed stops her and stops her from leaving for help, reassuring her that Jeter will come through for them, but Ashley says she'll only wait 20 minutes. (“Unreal City”)

Jeter eventually returns with some meds for Sam and while Ashley watches the streets and notices an Avocet van arriving and warns everyone before getting down. Ashley evacuates the house after Jed and Jeter kill the men in the van with her family. When Lt. Green radios that he is being pursued by enemy forces, Ashley goes with Jed and Sam while Jeter goes to help Green. When Tom's forces force Amy's forces to surrender, Ashley, Jed and Sam are escorted onto the ship and enter Tom's office. Tom says they will all stay in his cabin until they head back to Norfolk. (“Fight the Ship”)

Ashley then stands with Sam and Jed as planes leave from Norfolk to deliver the cure across the country and she proudly says “dad made this happen”. Ashley teaches Ava Tophet how to fish while her grandfather supervises them. Jed, Ashley, and Sam then go into their old home to gather supplies. While there she listens to Tom explain how the ship isn't safe for them and has decided to leave the Nathan James to take care of them in their home, as part of the promise he made to them. Jed takes Sam and Ashley to unpack their things but before she leaves she tells him her mom won’t want him to give up his mission before coming home. After Jed convinces Tom to go back to the Nathan James and Ashley hugs him goodbye and salutes him. (“It's Not a Rumor”)

When Ashley and Sam hear a missile hit close to them they call Tom asking about the missile attacks. Ashley asks who did it and Tom responds by people who want to stop their mission and tells them he maybe gone longer then he thought. Ashley asks if they need to move to protect themselves and Tom says they are safe as Jed comes to talk to Tom. (“Achilles”)

Season 3Edit

When Kara calls Jed to take her mom and son into hiding, Ashley and Sam go with them. (“Scuttle”)

After Allison Shaw says she is willing to surrender, Chandler picks up the phone expecting to hear her voice but instead Ashley is the one who answers. Ashley tells him at gunpoint that Shaw’s forces captured them before Shaw takes the phone away from her. As a result, Tom boards Shaw’s plane to get his kids back with Tex and Kara accompanying him. When Tom asks if they are okay, Ashley replies that they are okay and runs over to him along with Sam after Shaw lets them. When Tom notices blood on Ashley’s neck, she reveals that it’s Jed’s blood from when he was killed trying to protect her and Sam from Shaw's forces. Kara escorts them off the plane when Ashley turns around asking about Tom and he just says to go which she does. (“Don't Look Back”)

Season 4Edit

After Tom resigned from the US Navy after murdering Shaw, Ashley and Sam are seen living with Tom to Greece to escape the violence. After a family friend named Alex is killed, Ashley sees that Tom wants to go after his killers. (“In Medias Res”) It is implied that Ashley and Sam continue to live with Yaya, Alex's wife.

After Tom reconnects with the Nathan James he and Ashley talk over the phone. Ashley tells him that she and Sam are fine and Cali brings them food regularly and she got a job at the pier. Ashley tells Tom not to worry and that they are okay, which Tom mentions sounds a lot like something he would say. Ashley mentions that he belongs at sea and Tom tells her he will come home as soon as possible after his mission is over and Ashley says she know before the call is cut due to interference. (“Allegiance”)

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