CNS Henan is a Type 052D/Luyang III-class destroyer of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy Surface Force.

Events of The Last ShipEdit

Peng in shown on board when he receives the news that the Sea Dragon and his missile battery were destroyed. (“Paradise”)

Henan is tasked with providing support and defense to President Peng and his soldiers while they raid and destroy items at the Japanese National Archives in Tokyo. In order for land teams from the Nathan James to invade the archives and defeat Peng, a team consisting of Captain Slattery, Master Chief Jeter, Sasha Cooper, Lt. Carlton Burk, and GM2 Eric Miller infiltrate the Henan and take control of it's bridge and CIC. However, the ship becomes compromised when they don't respond to calls from land and Peng's second destroyer prepares to fire on them. A crewmember manages to fire missiles at Vulture team, but Nathan James shoots them down. As the second destroyer prepares to engage Nathan James, Slattery is able to use Henan's weapons to take it out, commenting that the controls are the same in any language.

After Tom Chandler and the land crew defeat Peng and his men, he tells Takehaya that the Henan is now under his command. Chandler also informs Takeyhaya that they found a stockpile of anti-cure missiles on board which the crew confirms is the last of them. As a result, with Peng dead and the Henan captured, the rest of Asia is now safe. (“Legacy”)

When the Nathan James arrives at the United States two weeks later, they send the Henan in on remote-control. Thinking the Henan is the Nathan James, Allison Shaw and the regional leaders use the centralized weapons grid to strike the ship with two missiles, setting the destroyer on fire and sinking it. Later, after Manuel Castillo's train goes missing, Shaw suspects Chandler survived and has the wreck checked out. Colonel Witt later reports that they have discovered that the wreck is a Chinese destroyer presumably hijacked by the Nathan James in Asia. (“Resistance”)



  • By the Chinese naval ship naming rule, destroyers are named after medium/large cities. Instead, Henan is a province, which by convention would be reserved for a cruiser or a carrier. The Sea Dragon and the second ship in Tokyo bay, were presumably named respectively as Wangfeng (lit. King Peak) (according to the writings on her aft), and Fenghuang (lit. Phoenix) (according to her communications after Henan's capture). Apparently none of them followed the rule but the ships (or even the cities) may have been renamed after the plague.
  • Despite the controls being in Chinese, Captain Mike Slattery was able to program and fire a missile to take out the other Chinese destroyer. Slattery simply quips that the controls are the same in any language.
  • According to Joseph Meylan, the Henan and its class are a rip-off of the American Arleigh-Burke destroyer class which the Nathan James is a part of.
  • In the pictures Allison Shaw receives at the end of "Resistance," it appears as if the Nathan James crew painted the name of their ship on top of the Chinese characters depicting the Henan's actual name as part of their deception. In the picture of the sunken ship, both the name Nathan James and the name Henan in Chinese can be seen on the hull.
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