Darien Chandler is the wife of Tom Chandler and was a survivor of the virus outbreak that killed 80% of the Earth's population.

Events of The Last ShipEdit

When Tom got his orders to deploy she and the kids each give him deployment gifts. Darien's gift to Tom are photos, videos, and playlists of her and the kids to help Tom cope with being away from them for awhile. (“We'll Get There”)

Darien takes her children to say good bye to Tom before he leaves on his four month mission. When the pandemic breaks out, Darien took her children to her father-in-law's cabin where they survived. Darien later learned that her sister died from the virus. Darien then makes a video message to the Nathan James informing her husband that she is alive and taking refuge in her father-in-law's cabin, along with their children. (“Phase Six”)

When Jed returns from hunting, Darien tells him she is going into town to look for a part to fix Jed's radio. Jed says it is too risky but Darien is adamant in her decision and says it is the only way to contact Tom and if anyone can survive, its him. Jed then tells her the part he needs and to bring a gun with her.

She manages to get into the store and find the part, but witnesses a man shoot a woman begging him to help her go to Olympia and hides until they leave. Darien leaves but doesn't notice a dead body infected with the virus next to her before hand. When Jed fixes the radio they both hear someone say Olympia has a remedy before it shorts out. Jed thinks it is a hoax while Darien thinks it could be genuine. The next day, Darien then pours water for each of them, unknowingly infecting Jed and her children. (“Trials”)

Darien lays in bed sick while Jed radios for help and later gets into his car to head to Olympia. She makes it to Olympia with Jed and her kids, but dies from the virus before her husband arrives with the cure. Her body is later used as fuel to keep the lights on at Avocet. (“No Place Like Home”)

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