Dennis is a colleague to Kara Green at the White House in St. Louis and a computer expert.

Events of The Last ShipEdit

Dennis is first seen working in the St. Louis White House after they get word thirteen US sailors are MIA. Kara Green asks Dennis to fix the video interference Valerie Raymond was working on before she left for China with CNO Tom Chandler when the Nathan James eventually makes contact again. (“Rising Sun”)

Dennis is in the White House telling Kara they have the feed of a message from pirates who have kidnapped six of the missing sailors being broadcast on national television. Dennis tells President Jeffrey Michener that the broadcast is being sent in a way that anyone with rabbit hears can pick it up. Dennis is later seen in the conference room as footage of Eric Miller and Ray Diaz being tortured by the pirates is broadcast as well. (“Devil May Care”)

Dennis is trying to hail the Nathan James while Kara asks him if the interference Val was working on clearing is the reason why they aren't responding. Dennis explains that the interference affects their video transmissions and the audio still works. Dennis later watches as President Michener apologizes to the nation about being derelict when he got his son airlifted from a known Red Flu hot zone to a safe zone he was running. (“In the Dark”)

Dennis is still working on clearing up the video problem when newly appointed President Howard Oliver wants proof of life videos so the American people can feel like they had a win. After the system crashes he heads down to the computer room to fix it while Kara talks with Alisha Granderson on the Nathan James. (“Sea Change”)

Dennis is present when CNO Chandler explains that Peng is manufacturing an anti-cure weapon to use against the neighboring countries on a campaign of extermination. Kara later asks if Dennis has managed to fix the problem with their communications yet and Dennis explains another signal was set up to take up additional space causing the video feed not to work and can't get rid of it until he knows how it got there. Dennis then tells Kara the signal only looks like noise but is actually transmitting an encrypted signal and Kara recognizes the signal as a human voice just as Secretary Rivera asks Kara where the President is.

Dennis comes to Kara's office after he has broken the encryption and reveals the signal is broadcasting three sets of words. He doesn't know what it means but was able to determine the signal is coming out of the White House itself. Just before the US Navy declares war on China, Dennis discovers the words are actually coordinates based on a three-word GPS system and hands Kara all the coordinates, including for ones that were just transmitted before returning to his station and monitors their three Navy Destroyers. Dennis later witnesses all three Destroyers come under attack and lose contact with them. Dennis monitors communications and then frantically tells Secretary Alex Rivera that he has made contact with CNO Tom Chandler. (“Paradise”)

Kara calls Dennis while he is working at the White House from Jacob Barnes' house and warns him not to react and tells him that Allison Shaw is the leak and asks for his help. Dennis arrive at Barnes' house and tells them he was unable to get a message to the Nathan James because of Shaw's increased security measures. When asked by Barnes if President Oliver is in on it, Dennis says he doesn't know as the man rarely leaves his office anymore. Dennis uploads some files Beatty was working on for Michener on Barnes' computer, including one hidden away before saying he needs to get back to the office. Before he leaves Dennis says he will try to get a message out to the Nathan James and Kara tells him to be careful. (“Scuttle”)

Dennis hacked Shaw's system and managed to get a copy of President Oliver's speech which he is to read to the country later and sends a copy to Barnes. When Kara and Barnes return to the White House with some men led by Tex Nolan, Dennis hands Kara, Barnes, and Tex passes to allow them access to the White House and tells them Oliver's speech has already started. Dennis prepares to help them until Kara stops him and tells him to get as far away from here as possible. While reluctant, Dennis agrees to leave while wishing Kara good luck. (“Legacy”)

Two weeks after the dissolution of the government, President Oliver mentions that they haven't had a status update on the Nathan James since Dennis skipped town. (“Resistance”)

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