Senior Lieutenant Dimitri is a naval officer aboard the Vyerni and Konstantin Ruskov's brother.

Events of The Last ShipEdit

Asmik is first seen on the bridge with Ruskov while he demands Comm. Chandler hand over Dr. Rachel Scott and everything concerning the Red Flu. Dimitri later accompanies Ruskov when he meets with Chandler in person to discuss a possible peaceful solution. Dimitri is later shocked when Ruskov orders Viktor to hand over his pistol and shoots him with it. When Ruskov later orders three of his men on a gunboat to kill two of Chandler's men and Chandler retaliates by blowing them out of the water, Dimitri witnesses Ruskov order the Vyerni to pull out of the harbor while keeping the Nathan James on radar.

Dimitri is next seen on the bridge drinking while he listens to Ruskov give a speech rallying the crew that they will be the masters of the world after tonight. When it appears that Quincy succeeded in kidnapping Dr. Scott and is on his way, Dimitri keeps watch over them with binoculars, unaware that it is Lts. Green and Foster on the boat and it is loaded with explosives. When Dimitri notices that the boat isn't slowing down he notifies Ruskov and they realize it isn't them and try to sink the boat without success before it collides with the Vyerni and blows a hole in the hull. (“Dead Reckoning”)

The hull is eventually repaired and they start sailing again when they intercept a message from an American "fishing boat" going to rescue a girl on a boat. Dimitri immediately realizes that it is Nathan James and excitedly asks if they should pursue them, Ruskov simply relays orders to wait and see who they send and to stay out of radar range to hide their presence. After two zodiacs are sent to find and capture as many Americans as they can, Ruskov asks Dimitri if they can pinpointTo this end he sends two Zodiacs loaded with three men each to the coordinates the girl gave. One Zodiac is shot down and the other reports they cannot find the Americans, which infuriates Ruskov.

After Ruskov orders them to send a drone to look for Chandler, who is stranded at sea, Dimitri observes the drones progress from the bridge. While observing the drone the Nathan James launches a missile, destroying it. Ruskov asks if they at least got their ship's bearing from the missile's launch site and Dimitri tells him they weren't on the line long enough to run a trace. Ruskov angirly mentions that they were on the line long enough to destroy their drone and Dimitri apologizes, stating they were trying to stay undetected and starts arguing with Asmik before Ruskov silences them and becomes more determined to find them. Ruskov threatens both Dimitri and Asmik will die if they fail to find Chandler and Dimitri responds that they will. (“SOS”)

After Chandler and another American, Tex Nolan, are found, captured, and brought aboard the ship to Ruskov's quarters, Dimitri escorts Ava back to her room while Ruskov talks with Chandler. The Nathan James agree to send Rachel Scott in exchange for Chandler and Tex, and Dimitri searches the metal case she has on her when she arrives after being told to by Lt. Nikolai Zybulski. After a brief search Dimitri closes the case and lets Nikolai escort her to Ruskov.

After Scott says she already developed a prototype vaccine, Dimitri accompanies Ruskov to confront Niels Sørenson on his claim that Scott couldn't develop a vaccine without him. Niels continues to say Scott can't develop one without him so Ruskov decides to test that and signals his men. Nikolali then pulls a gun on Dimitri while another sailor grabs Dimitri's arms to make sure he can't resist. Dimitri starts pleading with Ruskov not to do this, begging him to use someone else. After Dr. Scott injects him with the vaccine he is put in Niels' room while he pleads for his life before Niels breathes on him, infecting him with the Red Flu.

Dimitri grows more and more scared when Nikolai re-enters the room to grab Dr. Scott and Dimitri pleads with Nikolai who just ignores him. After Dr. Scott shots Nikolai in the head, Dimitri raises his hands and kneels down so Rachel doesn't shoot him. He later dies from either the virus or when the Vyerni is destroyed. (“Two Sailors Walk Into a Bar”)

Awards and DecorationsEdit

The following are the medals and service awards seen worn on Dimitri's uniform in the show.

State Decoration


Ushakov Medal
Campaign medal

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Medal "For the Defence of the Soviet Transarctic"
State Decoration


Medal "For Strengthening of Brotherhood in Arms"
Campaign medal


Medal "In Commemoration of the 250th Anniversary of Leningrad"
Other accoutrements
Academy badges Mid level school badge of the USSR
Order of the Red Banner Order of the Red Banner
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