Dog Day
Season 3, Episode 6
Written by: Jill Blankenship
Onalee Hunter Hughes
Directed by: Michael Nankin
Running time: 41 minutes
Original airdate: July 17, 2016
Nielsen rating: 18-49 rating:
Viewers (million):
In the Dark

Chandler's mission comes to a head as he prepares the final part of his plan. President Michener ponders the fate of his presidency.


Tom Chandler is still searching for his missing crew mates when a signal from an island far away suddenly appears. Chandler deduces it is them and sets course for that island despite the objections of his crew.

Andrea Garnett is revealed to have sabotaged a tower on the island where Takehaya is and is attempting to flee. Whilst evading the pirates, she runs into Takehaya's wife, and stops abruptly. Takehaya shows up and is about to capture her, but Garnett says she was helping Takehaya's wife. Takehaya asks his wife if this is true, to which she nods. He reluctantly captures Garnett and tells her his wife doesn't need help.

Back at the Nathan James, two teams are organized to kill the pirates. Chandler, Cooper, Cruz, and Butler in one, while Wolf Taylor, Danny Green, and Wallace in another. They find the pirate camp and search it, but find no one there. Unbeknownst to them, two pirates together with Takehaya's wife plus Miller and Doc Rios are hiding below the camp.

While in the wilderness, Butler is shot by an unknown sniper. The Nathan James's radar does not pick up any heat signatures. Moments later, Wallace goes down too. Chandler manages to shoot the sniper but unfortunately the sniper manages to get away. Chandler and Cooper give chase, revealing that the sniper had in fact, come from underground tunnels, which was why the Nathan James could not pick up any heat signatures. Chandler orders that any tunnels are to be destroyed on sight. The pirate sniper reports back to Takehaya that the tunnels are compromised.

The Nathan James personnel that were captured are revealed to be waiting for a boat alongside Takehaya. Diaz manages to loosen his bonds enough that when they are being marched, Diaz creates a distraction long enough for him to escape and find Chandler. Chandler then surrounds the pirates and right before one of the pirates is about to shoot Burk, Chandler shoots that pirate and tosses smoke. The 9 pirates accompanying Takehaya are killed, but Takehaya manages to escape. In the meantime, Chandler reunites with Slattery.

Some time later, Slattery, Chandler, Green, and Taylor are back at the camp. They are suddenly ambushed by MSS (Chinese Ministry of State Security) and are pinned down in a hut. The Nathan James reports massive amounts of MSS coming in out of nowhere. Jesse's chopper is later dispatched to help Chandler out. In a very risky maneuver, the chopper orders the Nathan James to fire on the chopper in order to clear out a large group of MSS and, at the last moment, the chopper maneuvers out of the way, landing a 5 inch shell on the MSS, killing the remaining MSS.

Sometime during all this, Takehaya is revealed to be running away,but is ambushed by two MSS. He is shot initially, but still manages to kill his two attackers.

Back at the hideout, the pirates are getting ready to flee. Miller suddenly swings a wooden plank, killing a pirate, but the other pirate draws a pistol on him. Doc Rios stabs that one with a pair of scissors.

Miller runs outside and manages to run into Chandler, Green, and Taylor, but Takehaya appears out of nowhere and threatens to kill Miller. Takehaya's wife, along with Doc Rios, emerges from the hideout. Takehaya's wife speaks a few words to him, to which Takehaya reluctantly puts down his weapon and surrenders to Chandler. The group return to the Nathan James, a job well done.




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  • According to Steven Kane, Kumonoso, as in Kumonoso Island, is Japanese for spider-web
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