Gustavo's Battleship is a commandeered Iowa-class Battleship in the Gran Colombian Navy.

General Edit

Gustavo's Battleship is Iowa-class battleship. Originally belonging to the American navy, it is unknown which of the four Iowa-class ships it is.

According to the real life Iowa-class technical features the battleship has a length of 860 feet 0 inches (262.13 m) at the waterline and 887 feet 3 inches (270.43 m), beam of 108 feet 2 inches (32.97 m), draft of 36 feet 2 inches (11.02 m). Including two rudders and four screws General Electric geared steam turbines. It is able to attain a speed of 33 knots (61.1 km/h) at full speed.

Armaments Edit

Its main armament is nine 16-inch (406 mm)/50-caliber Mark 7 naval Guns that fire high explosive- and armor-piercing shells. It can fire a 16 inch shell approximately 23.4 nautical miles (43.3 km). These guns are housed in 3-gun turrets: two forward of the superstructure and one aft, in a configuration known as "2-A-1". The battleship also carries twelve 5-inch (127 mm)/38 caliber Mark 12 guns in six Mark 28 Mod 2 twin enclosed base ring mounts.


  • The battleship is shown in its World War 2 configuration, without upgrade that all "Iowa"-class ships recieved in 1980s.
  • It's unclear, how exactly (and for what possible reason) Colombians managed to reactivate the ship, which was:
    • Immobile for decades, with powerplant and most of mechanics is unworkable due to lack of regular maintenance.
    • Require highly specific, 1940s spare parts, which weren't produced for more than 50 years.
    • Extremely manpower-demanding, requring a large number of specialists, trained on WW2 era technology.
    • Have no ammunition for main weapon left.
    • Unsuitable for modern naval warfare, having no practical defenses against air, missile & underwater attacks and very primitive sensor and fire control capabilities.