Ian is a British sailor and Immune on board the Achilles under the command of Sean Ramsey.

Events of The Last ShipEdit

When Ned Ramsey takes a strike team aboard the Solace to destroy the lab, Ian is one of the sailors apart of that team. After the Nathan James sends a team of people onto the ship, Ian suggests retreating since they got what they came for. Ned hands Juan a flashdrive containing the lab locations the Navy is using and instead provokes them into a confrontation. Ian insists the leave after several of their men, including Giovanni, stop answering their radios but Ned ignores this and says they need to die. Ian tries to reason that wasn't the plan and Sean wouldn't want this before Ned stops him saying he is the only one who knows what his brother wants. Ian radios Juan telling him he is blocked off and asked where he is. When Juan says he is hit, Ian implores him to escape as the Navy before passes out before he can escape. (“Solace”)

Ian is seen on the Achilles when Niels Sørenson is brought aboard the Achilles, showing he escaped the Solace. Ian is later seen celebrating with the crew when he hears that Konstantin Ruskov was killed by the Nathan James. When they detect a ship, Ian determines that the speed of it is typical for a warship traveling at quiet level one and Sean concludes it has to be the Nathan James. After the ship disappears from radar, Ian gives Sean the distance from their sub to where the Nathan James and Sean has set a course on the other side. When Max and Declan start to argue with each other over what to do Ian tells them both to shut up and to respect the chain of command. When the Achilles goes active sonar and target the Nathan James, both fire torpedoes at each other and Ian radios the crew to prepare for a crash dive after Sean gives the order. Ian starts to get worried when the Achilles starts scrapping the canyon walls at the bottom of the ocean. (“Achilles”)

Ian is left in charge of the Achilles while Sean and Ned take a team on land to plot the takeover of America and the sub is being repaired. When Ian sees Max and Oliver slacking off, he knocks Oliver feet down and asks if they have seen the Nathan James and he says all is quiet. Ian reprimands him, saying that just because the Ramseys are off the ship is no reason to get lazy and says Ned wants results. Oliver says "all right" which rubs Ian the wrong way and reminds everyone of his rank. Both Oliver and Max make fun of his uptight nature and Ian tells them to shut up. When Ned radios Ian from land, he tells Ian to ignore his brother's orders to head to their location and to find the Nathan James and sink it and Ian acknowledges his orders. But before Ned can give him instructions on what to do the line goes dead. (“Long Day's Journey”)

After Henrik reports that the buoy they were using to transmit communications to Sean on land was destroyed, Ian concludes that the Nathan James destroyed it. The rest of the crew start to argue about what to do and Ian yells at them to shut up so he can have a minute to decide what to do. When Declan notices the Nathan James on passive sonar, Ian asks if they discovered their location and he says no. Max suggests they fire on them and Ian asks how they can when they can't move. Max states they technically can move but Ian counters that the sub is still be repaired and if they move now they will be loud enough for the Nathan James to hear them. When Max states it's what Sean would want, Ian corrects him by saying it is what Ned would want because he doesn't mind the idea of dying. Ian eventually decides to surface while having Declan verify sonar with flight control and orders Oliver to dive if they see any incoming torpedoes. Ian radios Sean and tells him the the ship destroyed their long distance communications and Sean gives the order to sink the Nathan James. Ian has the sub go on active sonar and prepares to fire the minute they get into range, but they disappear from radar before they can launch an attack. (“Alone and Unafraid”)

Ian is seen next to Ned while they watches Sean's message to the American people and reports to Sean that all the data has been uploaded to Valkyrie's system and is broadcasting without difficulty. (“Valkyrie”)

Ian leads a team of Immunes on the ground, preparing to use a rocket battery on the Nathan James as a contingency plan. Max radios Ian to prepare to fire on the Nathan James soon. When the ship starts to get close to the battery, Ian prepares to fire when they are ambushed by a team lead by Mike Slattery. Ian manages to shoot Slattery in the arm and tries to fire the battery while his men cover him but is pulled off by Slattery before he can. Slattery and Ian fight hand to hand where Ian manages to gain the upper hand by shoving his thumb in Slattery's wound before Slattery pulls out a knife and stabs Ian in the chest, killing him. (“Cry Havoc”)

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