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Kara Green (née Foster) is the former Deputy Chief of Staff to President Michener and a United States Navy officer that served aboard the USS Nathan James in the Combat Information Center under the command of Commander Tom Chandler. She is married to Lieutenant Danny Green, the leader of a Navy Mountain Warfare Unit team aboard the USS Nathan James.

In the episode Trials, Kara was involved in the testing of the antidote for the cure, and due to the symptoms she presented with, Rachel and Quincy discovered that she was pregnant. After the antidote was developed, she was injected with it, and she and her unborn baby are now immune to the virus.

In the season two finale Kara and Danny get engaged. In the season three premiere, it shows up that Danny and Kara are already married when Captain Chandler calls her "Mrs. Green". Kara and Danny now have a baby boy named Frankie, in honor of Danny's deceased friend Franklin Benz. In "Don't Look Back" Kara aids in the rescue of Tom Chandler's kids and the defeat of Allison Shaw by acting as a sniper during the standoff with Shaw's forces and taking Captain Chandler's kids out of the plane. She later introduces Danny to his son for the first time.

Sometime before the Season 5 Premiere, she has been promoted to the rank of Commander, and has been given command of USS Nathan James.


Kara grew up on a farm in Rose Hill, Kansas.

United States Navy service[]

She was assigned to the USS Nathan James at an unknown point in time. She worked at the Combat Information Center (CIC) and after Lieutenant Commander Barker was killed made her the TAO.

Events of The Last Ship[]

Season 1[]


Kara makes her first appearance below decks of the Nathan James. She encounters her then secret boyfriend Lt Danny Green. They kiss in a small room and Kara showcases Her spicy attitude when teasing Lt. Green about what his smile does to her. Kara is later seen in the CIC helping to combat the attacking Russian helicopters. Kara is seen throughout the events of the first episode at her post in the CIC. She is then seen at the bow of the Nathan James looking at American soil for the first time in 4 months.

Ep. 2

Kara is seen for the first time in episode 2 ( Welcome to Gitmo) entering the officers lounge and encountering Lt Danny Green. She confronts him about not dealing with the death of his best friend Lt. Frankie Benz. After Danny and the other land teams go ashore Kara monitors Danny's team's progress via his helmet cam. She later provides fire support for Vulture team and Captain Chandler. At the end of the episode Kara finds Danny putting all of Lt. Benz' belongings into a box. Danny breaks into tears talking about his deceased friend. He and kara then share a passionate hug. ( Welcome to Gitmo)

Ep 3

Kara is seen watching Lt Danny Green get frustrated by the deaths of two of his team members At the hands of a squad under the command of Admiral Ruskov. Kara and Danny later pose as Quincy and Rachel Scott. For the first time Danny and Kara’s relationship gets in the way of a mission. Danny slows down urging Kara to jump early. Preventing the Nathan James from blasting away the coral in order to escape from Guantanamo Bay's shallow harbor. After a successful mission Danny and Kara return to the Nathan James. Danny tells Kara he loves her then tells her to stay away from him so he isn’t distracted from his duties. They eventually get back together.


Kara volunteers as a human test subject for the vaccine. During quarantine, she experiences a seizure resulting in the discovery of her pregnancy. Danny later visits her and stays by her side until after the trials. She is later cured when Dr. Scott discovers the missing link in her vaccine. Danny tells Kara the news about her being pregnant. (Trials)

Season 4[]

During the attack on Velleck's ship, Kara steps back into her old role and takes control of the Nathan James' 25mm cannon. After dispatching the ship's gunners, as well as Captain Stavros, who was manning one of the guns after the original gunner was killed (by Kara,) Kara remarks "yep, I've still got it." (Endgame)

Season 5[]

In season 5, she has been promoted to Commander and given command of the Nathan James.

During the final battle, when the Nathan James is hit by fire from Gustavo's Battleship and severely damaged, Chandler has Kara make the decision of whether or not to abandon ship as it is currently her command. Seeing no other choice, Kara reluctantly gives the order and watches along with everyone else as Chandler rams the Nathan James into the battleship, sinking both vessels. She is relieved when Chandler surfaces, having survived the destruction of the Nathan James.

Awards and Decorations[]

The following are the medals and service awards seen worn on Green's uniform in the show. Kara received the Silver Star and the Purple Heart for her actions during season 3.

Personal decorations

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Silver Star

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Purple Heart

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Navy & Marine Corps Commendation Medal
Gold star
Gold star
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Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal, w/2 gold award stars (3rd award)
Unit awards

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Navy Unit Commendation,

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Navy E Ribbon
Campaign and service medals

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National Defense Service Medal

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Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal

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Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
Service and training awards
Bronze star
Bronze star
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Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, w/2 bronze service stars (3rd award)
Marksmanship awards
U.S. Navy Expert Rifleman Ribbon.png Navy Expert Rifleman Medal
Other accoutrements
Surface Warfare Officer Insignia.png Surface Warfare insignia