Kelsi was Alisha Granderson's girlfriend. She is a follower of Tavo and a spy who hacked Granderson's keycard to set off a cyber attack against the United States Armed Forces. Once Granderson learned she was the mole that hacked her card, she confronted Kelsi and they fought until Kelsi stabbed Alisha with a steak knife. It was also revealed that she and a spy named Octavio were lovers. During the raid on the United States Southern Command, she began to realize Octavio's promise to bring Zoey to Colombia was a mere lie. She lost faith in him as Russ Jeter and Clayton Swain set off a grenade to cause enough of a distraction for the staff to fight back against the GCE saboteurs. When Slattery and DuFine cornered both Octavio and Kelsi, Octavio used Kelsi as a bulletproof shield. DuFine fired at Octavio, but wound up killing Kelsi instead.

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