Kevin MacDowell is the speaker of the Immunes in the United States, originally from Ireland and only answers to the Ramseys as their third-in-command.


Like very few people, he was not affected by the Red Flu and believed those who survived would inherit the Earth. He helped the Ramseys found their Immune Army and conquer Europe and they later sent MacDowell leading a group of missionaries to America to recruit more Immunes to their cause in preparation to conquer the country with MacDowell based in Florida. MacDowell eventually finds an Immune named Jeffrey Michener curled up in a ball moaning about the deaths of the family.

Events of The Last ShipEdit

MacDowell is first seen preaching to a group of Immunes in Port St. Lucie, saying they were spared from the virus to do something better. MacDowell says they are the rightful inheritors of the Earth and were "chosen" and chants it as the others cheer him on. MacDowell converses with Curtis that he has heard that a navy ship came home with the cure and is spreading it across the country with planes loaded with it and scientists to reproduce it. Curtis suggests it might just be a rumor before Niels Sørenson confirms it is real and asks what they plan to do about it. (“It's Not a Rumor”)

MacDowell is on a boat with Niels while Curtis drives when Niels asks where they are going. MacDowell explains that someone wants to meet him and they did find the hospital ship Niels told them about, and reveals they also ran into a US Navy ship that ambushed them. Niels reveals that they are the ones with the cure and realizes he is suspected of selling them out which he profusely denies. MacDowell tells Niels to stop talking and save his explanations for the boss who MacDowell reveals is on the submarine that rises to the surface next to their boat. (“Solace”)

MacDowell leads an attack on a lab in Palm Coast to get the locations of the other labs. MacDowell personally executes Dr. Julius Hunter while looking for the server with the locations and eventually finds them and sends them to Sean who either blows up or raids the labs. MacDowell is later seen preaching to a group of Immune citizens gathered at a hotel in Jacksonville, saying Immunes have faced bigotry due to their special genetics and rallies them against other Non-Immune citizens. He later sit onstage as Sean delivers a speech to the Immunes gathered and introduces them to Jeffrey Michener, the new US President. (“Long Day's Journey”)

MacDowell meets with Sean outside the hotel and Sean thanks him for this impressive turnout and MacDowell simply says people will follow when the message is true. They shake hands and MacDowell leaves to head back to his camp in a van. (“Alone and Unafraid”)

After the Ramseys are killed and their submarine destroyed, MacDowell took over leadership of what is left of the Immune Army after most of the other leaders surrender themselves to the US Navy in exchange for pardons from Michener. MacDowell calls Michener on the video phone and simply taunts him on their history together and they are global and implies he will leave for now but come back to finish what they started. In truth, MacDowell is planning to leave their phones with a separate group of Immunes to leave the country while his group stays in America to launch one final attack with a truck load of infected people and nine US Navy uniforms in Memphis. They stopped at a truck stop trying to infect more people but they people fought back so they had to shoot them and leave one of the infected, Roberto, behind after he was shot in the crossfire. When they arrive MacDowell instructs Curtis to infect everyone who shows up and to chase them out so they infect everyone they contact and spread news that the Navy didn't bring a cure.

MacDowell and Curtis stroll into the courtyard and make their announcement claiming to be US Navy and spreading the virus and leave. Curtis tells MacDowell he can't raise any of their men at the gate and the Navy must've got here early. They are then ambushed with most of MacDowell's men captured or killed and MacDowell is himself subdued by Wolf Taylor. He then witnesses to his horror that the crowd gathered together, including the infected he brought, are all breathing in the cure as Wolf and Eric Miller taunt him over his failure. MacDowell is brought before Michener and tries to taunt him again before Michener spells out for MacDowell that after this his Immunes won't feel special anymore and their movement will die as quickly as it rose up. Macdowell's followers will fall into the background and no one will care if they turn MacDowell into a martyr. Michener offers him the chance to see the light of day again if MacDowell gets his men to stand down. MacDowell isn't sure he can sell that but Michener is confident MacDowell can as he is very persuasive. MacDowell agrees and the Immune Army/Cult is officially disbanded and Europe regains its governments back. (“A More Perfect Union”)

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