Lau Hu is Peng's Chinese Minister of State Security (MSS) who acts as Peng's second-in-command.


Peng appointed Lau Hu his Minister of State Security and helped Peng carry out his plan to exterminate the populations of other countries by supervising the transport of the missiles to the country borders. To this end he personally killed people like Shirahama Ekei's brother and ordered the People's Liberation Army to massacre a group of smugglers working against Peng's government to spread the cure led by a woman named Jesse who survived but all her friends, including her brother, were killed.

Events of The Last ShipEdit

At the meeting with the Asian leaders, Lau Hu is seen standing next to Chinese President Peng Wu and whispering in his ear. After a confrontation with Peng and US Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Tom Chandler, Lau pulls Peng away to attend to pressing business. (“The Scott Effect”)

After Chandler's plane blows up without him on it, Lau and his team try to kill Chandler and his allies, Wolf Taylor and Sasha Cooper but they fail and they escape. After Peng hangs up on US President Jeffrey Michener he turns to Lau and demands he find Chandler or they will be at war with America. Peng's men ultimately fail to capturing Chandler and his allies and they make it onto the Nathan James. (“Rising Sun”)

When Peng hears the Nathan James is in Shanzhai, he sends Lau and a team of MSS security agents to kill Chandler and his followers. Lau personally lead the team into the city while another team covered the shores to box them in. Lau and his men are forced into engaging the local pirates after Wolf throws a smoke bomb and Chandler reveals who they are in order to create a distraction so they can escape. In the firefight one MSS agent and three pirates are killed, with Lau personally killing two of them and then pursuing Chandler and his team. Lau eventually cuts them off and engages Wolf in hand to hand combat. After a lengthly fight, Lau pulls out a knife to get an advantage, but Danny fires at Lau as he gets the upper hand and Lau is forced to escape. Lau survives but five of his men are later killed and Chandler and his team escape. (“Shanzhai”)

When Lau is called back to Hong Kong where he oversees the security of Peng's mansion. When the lights go out temporarily Lau asks what is wrong and is told he is a transformer blew and they are experiencing strange power surges (both caused by Chandler and his team but unknown to Lau). Lau asks if his technician can fix it and is told a hard reset will fix it and is told the system will be down for ten minutes. Lau gives the technician to reboot the system and leaves to maintain the security outside suspecting an attack. Lau Hu approaches Peng's office and when his access card won't work he draws his gun just as Peng opens the door. Lau apologizes to Peng and explains that they had some security issues and was concerned (Unbeknownst to Lau, Peng is being held at gunpoint by Wolf while Chandler and Sasha Cooper are also in the room with Peng). After Peng asks to be left alone Lau leaves. While inspecting the pool notices Peng's key card on the floor and realizes someone must have taken over the system because Peng couldn't enter his office without it and assembles his security team. Lau manages to catch Chandler and his team leaving the back but is ordered by Peng to stand down and told that the American never breached their security and last night never happened. (“Devil May Care”)

Lau and his team later capture the pirate Wu Ming, who has been helping Peng smuggle his bio-weapons across China, and his family at their home in Yunma. Lau then begins torturing Wu for information while his family watch at gunpoint. Chandler and his crew arrive and engage Lau's forces, killing all six of Lau's men, while Lau fights Wolf again. Lau holds Wolf by the neck and as he thinks he has won, silently shushes Wolf, but Wolf breaks free and holds Lau in a choke hold and snaps his neck, killing him. (“Sea Change”)

Lau is seen in a flashback after Kara Green discovers there is a mole in the US President's administration feeding information to Chinese President Peng Wu. (“Paradise”)

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