Maya Gibson is a US Navy sailor aboard the Nathan James and the sole casualty in Dr. Rachel Scott's human trials to test her vaccine.


Before the Red Flu outbreak, Maya was born as the only child to her mother and father and lived a happy healthy life, never having any serious injuries or even broken a bone. Maya's father worked as a firefighter and during the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center he rushed into the North Tower to save Maya's mother but both died in the attack. Inspired by her father's work, Maya enlisted in the US Navy and in 2013 she started dating a man named Morris, whom she calls Micky. Maya spent most of her career at sea and at some unknown point she was assigned to work on the Nathan James.

Events of The Last ShipEdit

Maya is first seen at a prayer vigil held for the Nathan James crew's loved ones, praying for her boyfriend Micky. Maya goes on saying that Mickey hates having his picture taken and only has one on her phone, which is a selfie. (“Welcome to Gitmo”)

Maya talks with O'Connor while walking with him, and he mentions Cossetti saw Dr. Scott dumping bags overboard and wonders where Dr. Scott and Comm. Chandler are going in such a hurry. When Maya responds that she doesn't know, O'Connor says nobody knows and that is the problem. (“Lockdown”)

Maya is interviewed by Doc Rios when she volunteers for Dr. Scott's human trial to test her vaccine and is ultimately selected as one of the six test subjects. Maya is injected with the prototype vaccine by Rios and listens as Dr. Scott explain what the trial will incur and thanks them for what they are doing. Maya then enters the sealed off area to conduct the trial with a few personal belongings and is then injected with the virus by Dr. Scott.

While going over old emails Mickey sent to her, Miller asks how long they were together and says he hopes Mickey treated her right. Maya tells him they were together a year and Mickey is the only one who could be missing her since her parents are dead. When they all start experiencing symptoms different than what was seen of the virus before, Maya mentions that she can't life her arms because she is so tired. Maya later tells Miller about her parents' deaths and inspiration to join the Navy. Miller asks Maya if she saw Master Chief Jeter was hallucinating, only to realize Maya is dead. (“Trials”)


Maya's sacrifice as the sole casualty in Dr. Scott's trial was felt by everyone on the Nathan James. Dr. Scott blamed herself for her death, Comm. Chandler awarded Maya the Navy Cross for her sacrifice and Eric Miller, as the one who discovered she was dead, stated he would miss her despite her mentioning no one would besides Mickey would. That said, Dr. Scott was able to finally piece together how to finish the vaccine and make a cure to the Red Flu thanks to Maya. Maya is remembered as a hero and Master Chief Russ Jeter even proposes a toast in her name after the cure is being spread across the country.

Awards and DecorationsEdit

The following are the medals and service awards seen worn on Gibson's uniform in the show. Chandler awarded her the Navy Cross, after she died.

Other accoutrements
Surface Warfare Officer Insignia Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist insignia
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