McGregor is Andrew Thorwald's right hand man in the Warlords.

Events of The Last ShipEdit

Season 1Edit

After Thorwald shoots and kills an infecting woman he berates McGregor for letting her slip through and tells him to tighten the perimeter to keep other people. McGregor takes a few men to search the area again after handing Thorwald a paint can to mark a store as infected. (“Trials”)

McGregor later appears at a checkpoint with Thorwald stopping an old man from getting through with his family. When the old man blows through the checkpoint, Thorwald tells McGregor to stand down. McGregor reports to Thorwald that they intercepted a transmission saying the Nathan James will be docking soon and Amy Granderson's people will be there to greet them. Thorwald decides to intercept them and to launch an ambush. They set up in an old building where McGregor mounts a sniper rifle and observe the meeting. They are both surprised when Granderson arrives in person to greet them and Thorwald orders McGregor to kill her.

McGregor can't get a good angle on her so he offers to kill Pete Norris instead but Thorwald orders him to stick with Granderson. McGregor can't get a shot off and after they all leave Thorwald orders him to use his contacts on the inside to gather info on why they are here. When McGregor tells Thorwald they have the cure, Thorwald realizes they have to take her lab now, or Granderson will move and they will lose control. They head into the underground city they've established for the healthy citizens rejected from Avocet and begin preparations while looking after their people. (“No Place Like Home”)

Season 2Edit

While McGregor is with Thorwald, planning the strike, their man on the inside of the plant arrives ahead of schedule bringing more people with him. McGregor raises his gun on them with the rest of the Warlords while their inside man tells them they took out the men at the power plant. McGregor expresses concern that they lost the element of surprise before Comm. Chandler reveals that they only took out the people and the plant is still running as if everything to lower their guns is normal. After Chandler and Thorwald exchange words, McGregor and the rest of the Warlords lower their guns after Thorwald orders them to. After Chandler and Thorwald hash out a plan to take Avocet, McGregor and the Warlords accompany them while Thorwald gives Chandler a brief history of what happened in Baltimore while they were away and introduces them to the 487 people in the city who didn't make the cut for Avocet. (“Unreal City”)

After McGregor informs Thorwald and Chandler that they are almost done setting the explosives to make the entrance to Avocet, they send the signal to Lt. Green to cut the power. They blow a hole after most of the guards leave and infiltrate Avocet. When they reach the stairwell leading to Avocet, McGregor splits off from Throwald to backup Chandler, who leads the attack from the west while Thorwald attacks from the east. When they run into Tex with Kara Foster and Dr. Rachel Scott, McGregor has some of his men escort them to the underground passage so they can escape on Chandler's orders. They later come across a group of civilians being held hostage by the guards and Chandler orders McGregor to continue the mission without him. Chandler manages to catch up to McGregor after freeing the civilians and finds Alisha on the ground, bleeding from a gunshot wound to her abdomen. After killing two guards, McGregor leads Chandler's men to the tunnels so Alisha can be treated for her wound. (“Fight the Ship”)

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