Admiral Mike Slattery is the former captain of the USS Nathan James. Prior to becoming captain, Slattery was the Executive Officer (XO) of the Nathan James with Chandler as his superior. Sometime after the Red Rust famine, he was promoted to Admiral.


Early Life

Slattery was born in Chicago, Illinois. Prior to joining the Navy, he was a homicide detective. He married his wife Christine and had two daughters and a son, Lucas Slattery.

United States Navy Service

At an unknown point in time, Mike was assigned as the executive officer of the USS Nathan James.

Events of The Last Ship

Season 1

While willing to adhere to the oath he swore when he joined the Navy, Slattery shows occasional doubt in Com. Tom Chandler's decisions and thought processes. Still, he follows orders and his trust in Chandler's decisions increase with each successful outcome.

Slattery found out that his son died in the outbreak after they'd already deployed on the USS Nathan James, but his wife and daughters managed to get to safety. This has an effect on his actions when they encounter a dictatorial drug lord who has enslaved an island in Nicaragua and raped the daughters of the former mayor of the city. He managed to convince Chandler to go back and free the girls, and the entire village, which they did and which led to the drug lord's death.

Mike stays on board the Nathan James while Tom leads a team to the Octopus Ship. Later when Tom and Tex go missing, he conducts a Search and Rescue operation. (“SOS”)

After Tom and Tex are captured, Mike draws up a plan to save them. (“Two Sailors Walk Into a Bar”)

Mike oversees the admission of the vaccine and watches the volunteers. (“Trials”)

After the crew of the Nathan James arrives in Baltimore, Mike stays on-board the ship while Tom visits Amy Granderson's headquarters. Mike then meets a State Trooper-turned-Avocet Head of Security named Norris, who has boarded the Nathan James and has a conversation with him while the vaccine is administered to him. Mike is discussing plans on the bridge with Dr. Quincy Tophet as Norris walks in. Norris shoots a sailor on the bridge and holds Mike and the others at gu point. Norris, wants Mike to drop anchor and muster the entire crew, he threatens to kill the entire crew when Mike lashes out at him. Quincy rushes at Norris, however, gets shot in the stomach. Mike gives in seeing Quincy hurt and musters the whole crew to the flight deck. (“No Place Like Home”)

Season 2

Slattery, along with the crew are still being held aboard the Nathan James. He along with Lt. Foster and later Dr. Rios attempt to save Quincy's life. After it is found out that Kara is pregnant, he attempts to protect her, but is pistol whipped and locked up in a side room. He promptly escapes and gets to the communication room, where he oversees liberation operations taking place elsewhere on the ship. Norris realizes that Slattery has escaped and finds him. The two fight and ends when Slattery hacks Norris with a fire fighter axe through the chest.

In It's Not A Rumor the crew returns to Norfork, where they are greeted by Navy Seals who begin to secure the city and distribute the cure. Slattery, along with Tex search the safe zone in which he believes his family is staying at. The area is deserted, however Tex finds a Slattery family album along with pieces of his children's clothes. They return to his home, where Tex tells him it's OK to leave and go after his family. Despite Slattery wanting to reunite with his family, he feels he cannot give up on the mission and the captain, since Chandler never did and it cost him his wife. Slattery returns to the ship, but not before leaving behind a case of the cure, along with a note addressed to his wife.

During the final battle with the Achilles, Slattery leads a team to the shore where they find an Immune team manning an anti-ship battery ready to fire their missiles on the Nathan James. Slattery's team engages the Immunes and Slattery is shot in the shoulder. However, he keeps fighting, going hand to hand against the Immune team leader, ultimately killing him with a knife. Off-shore, the Nathan James had drawn the Achilles into a surface fight, but lacked the time to complete the turn in order to use the ship's cannon on the sub before they could fire torpedoes. However, Slattery re-purposed the missile battery and fired on the Achilles damaging the sub and stopping the attack on the Nathan James. Slattery gleefully quips "cheers asshole" and fires the remaining missiles of the battery on the Achilles as the Nathan James fires its forward cannon at the sub at the same time. Between the missile battery controlled by Slattery and the ship, the Achilles is finally sank.

Season 3

In season 3, he was appointed to the position of Commanding Officer (or C.O. for short) and was dispatched to Vietnam to distribute the cure. At a celebration at a nightclub, he along with 5 other members of the Nathan James were captured by Japanese pirates (nationality unbeknownst to them) and brought aboard a cargo ship.

After some time, he along with the other members were brought to a camp in some unknown location, where they currently reside. At the end of Shanzhai, he was displayed along with the other five members and he said "My name is Mike Slattery. I along with five members of my crew are prisoners of war."

In the episode Devil May Care, it is revealed that his serial number in the broadcast were in fact rough latitude and longitude coordinates and Takehaya realizes this. Takehaya berates him for doing so, stating that he has led his friends to certain doom.

Slattery and the other hostages were rescued by CNO Chandler and other Nathan James crew members at the end of Dog Day.

Awards and Decorations

The following are the medals and service awards seen worn on Slattery's uniform in the show. Mike received the Silver Star and the Purple Heart for his actions during the Red Flu crisis.(“The Scott Effect”)

Personal decorations

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Silver Star

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Purple Heart

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Meritorious Service Medal
Gold star
Gold star
Gold star
Template:Ribbon devices/alt/sandbox
Navy & Marine Corps Commendation Medal, w/3 gold award stars (4th award)
Gold star
Gold star
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Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal., w/2 gold award stars (3rd award)

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Navy Unit Commendation
Unit awards

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Navy E Ribbon w/2 “E” devices
Campaign and service medals

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National Defense Service Medal

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Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

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Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
Service and training awards
Bronze star
Bronze star
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Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, w/2 bronze service stars (3rd award)
Marksmanship awards
U.S. Navy Expert Rifleman Ribbon Navy Expert Rifleman Medal
U.S. Navy Expert Pistol Shot Ribbon Navy Expert Pistol Shot Medal
Other accoutrements
Surface Warfare Officer Insignia Surface Warfare insignia
Navy CaS Command at Sea insignia


  • Before joining the Navy, he was a Homicide Detective in Chicago.
  • He has three children. One of them is a son called Lucas and two unnamed daughters. At least one of them is in high school. but it's not known who.
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