Doctor Milowsky is the head surgeon and paleomicrobiologist aboard the Solace. Dr. Milowsky aids Dr. Rachel Scott on the Nathan James during the duration in the ship to spread the cure as an expert in vaccine manufacturing and genetic engineering.

Events of The Last ShipEdit

When the Solace is attacked by Immune sailors, Dr. Milowsky is first seen treating a wounded US sailor surrounded by the people Gonzalez has kept alive when Comm. Chandler and his team arrive. Miller tries to move to a safer location but he refuses to until he has stabilized his patient by putting a tube in him to drain the blood filling his chest. Dr. Milowsky stabilizes him and waits for the rest of the team to escort them off the ship. Gonzalez returns and guides Dr. Milowsky and the other survivors to the tender boats and gets most of them in the boat when someone opens fire on them.

Dr. Milowsky sees Gonzalez has been shot in the neck and rushes to his side. Dr. Milowsky comforts Gonzalez as he dies from blood loss and gets on the tender boat mourning his loss. When Dr. Milowsky is brought onboard the Nathan James, Scott talks with Dr. Milowsky about their situations and regrets that his lab was destroyed and he was unable to save Gonzalez. Chandler suggests using the Solace to transport the surviving crew to Norfolk, but Dr. Milowsky elects to stay and help them manufacture the cure. (“Solace”)

While the Nathan James is at EMCON one trying to avoid a hostile submarine, Dr. Milowsky is seen treating Juan Carlos when he starts bleeding internally. Dr. Milowsky sedates him helps and Dr. Scott performs surgery on him to remove an object causing massive damage. (“Achilles”)

Dr. Milowsky works with Dr. Scott and Bertrise while they attempt to turn the liquid cure into an aerosol form based on the late Dr. Julius Hunter's work. While going over Hunter's work and the difficulty of solving it, Dr. Milowsky wonders if Hunter actually solved it and Scott says he did. Dr. Milowsky later helps Scott make the aerosol version more potent by suggesting a corn based stereoisomer and she agrees. (“Long Day's Journey”)

Dr. Milowsky says the device Dr. Scott is using to test the new version of the cure is very impressive and she credits Andrea Garnett and Andy Chung for designing and building it. After Dr. Scott tests it with rats, the experiment doesn't work as expected and Dr. Milowsky explains to Bertrise that they would be lucky if anyone inhales the threaputic dose from three hundred feet in the air. (“Alone and Unafraid”)

When Niels Sørenson is captured and taken aboard the ship, Dr. Milowsky helps treat his wounds alongside Doc Rios. He later helps Dr. Scott inject Niels' blood into several rats and is surprised to see that all the rats are still alive after three days. They both realize the virus migrated exclusively into his lungs and is the reason why he is so contagious and Dr. Milowsky suspects it happened months ago when Niels first injected himself. Dr. Milowsky doubts whether Niels remembers the stability sequence he used to bond his gene to the virus and Dr. Scott says he has to because he is too narcissistic to not remember his crowning achievement. (“Uneasy Lies the Head”)

After is Niels is found dead, Dr. Milowsky notices that Dr. Scott isn't working on the aerosol version of the cure and she explains she plans to replicate how Niels is so infectious and use it to spread the cure by making everyone contagious. Dr. Milowsky doubts as to whether it would work but Dr. Scott explains by finding the strain of the mutated virus in his lungs they can engineer the vaccine to do the same and Dr. Milowsky helps her. Dr. Milowsky is working in the lab with the others to isolate the mutation when Andrea Garnett arrives and orders them out of the lab to conduct their investigation in Niels death.

Garnett eventually clears Dr. Milowsky of suspicion after discovering he was out of the lab and in the mess hall long before Niels died and is tasked by her to do a full work up of the IV bag they suspect was used to kill Niels. Dr. Milowsky discovers Dr. Scott introduced DNA scissors into Niels' bloodstream, preventing his body from protecting himself from the virus and confronts Dr. Scott. Dr. Milowsky tells her to just take her laptop and leave while telling her the crew already considers her their primary suspect and urges her to finish her experiment quickly. Dr. Milowsky returns to the lab after an attack from the Immunes' sub the Achilles shakes the ship and sees that Dr. Scott's experiment has worked since a rat infected with the virus she breathed on is still alive. (“Friendly Fire”)

After the crew is attacked by civilians aligned with the Immune Army, Doctors Milowsky and Scott treat those injured in the attack and personally treats Lieutenants Andy Chung and Ravit Bivas but they both die from their wounds. (“Valkyrie”)

In preparation to fight the Immune submarine, Dr. Milowsky is evacuated along with the president, doctors, and children onboard with a small group of operators lead by the XO Commander Slattery to protect them. He waits with the others while the ship battles the sub and Slattery takes some of his operators to take over an Immune position on land to back up the sub. Dr. Milowsky personally videos Dr. Scott's contagious cure working on a family of three infected with the virus. (“Cry Havoc”)

Dr. Milowsky helps Dr. Scott prepare the aerosol version off the cure when they receive news that the Immunes are going to infect everyone at the College of Memphis so no one answers their call again. Dr. Milowsky is last seen celebrating in the New Orleans Courthouse after the cure is successfully distributed and the last leader of the Immune Army is captured and raising a glass to honor the fallen who made it happen. (“A More Perfect Union”)

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