Season 3, Episode 5
Written by: Mark Malone
Directed by: Peter Weller
Running time: 41 minutes
Original airdate: July 10, 2016
Nielsen rating: 18-49 rating:
Viewers (million):
Devil May Care
Dog Day
As Chandler 's position worsens, his mission becomes increasingly complicated. President Michener faces pressure from the regional leaders.


The episode starts out with the Nathan James stranded in the minefield. Chandler manages to stop the ship in time to avoid contact with any mine.

Back at the camp, Mike Slattery and other crew members are unloading crates. Slattery bitterly asks Takehaya what they are unloading now and Takehaya responds by saying they are going to hunt his destroyer. They then uncover a anti-ship torpedo.

Back on the the James, 4 men are dispatched to clear out the mines. Wolf Taylor examines a mine closely and cannot identify it. However, it has something odd about it and says these cannot be moved, and orders all 4 sailors out of the water. Unfortunately, one of the sailors clips the chain holding a mine in place, which makes it detonate.

The three sailors manage to get out of water. All of them remark the waters are not friendly (or something close).

Back at the Old Courthouse in St. Louis, President Jeffrey Michener is in a meeting with the respective leaders of the regions of America. He says there is much to discuss.

On the James, Chandler and the others finally take notice that the mines are home made. Chandler wonders what is unique about them and orders the TAO to listen to the sonar if there is a faint sound. There is a sound, and it seems to be getting louder, which Chandler deduces to be the mines moving towards them.

Back at St. Louis, the President reveals the real situation in Asia. The region leaders are exasperated and through some tough talking, Michener manages to retain their support.

Back at the Nathan James, the crew are in a predicament as to how to remove the mines. Chandler comes up with a plan to utilize "Nixies" (Anti-torpedo measurement consisting of a towed decoy and a shipboard signal device) to clear a path through the water. One of the Nixies would be held by Jesse's helo and be flown through the air close enough to the water to let the sensor mines detonate, thus clearing a path. However, Wolf Taylor notes that even if that were possible, the mines on the (left or right) flank would reach them. Two sailors volunteer to drive a RHIB through the water towing a second Nixie, clearing out those mines as well. Chandler reluctantly approves the second plan.

Chandler is making some recording for his children, after which he goes up on deck to inspect how things are going. The RHIB and helo launch and the Nixies (apparently resembling torpedoes) are towed out.

Back the the Courthouse, Michener watches live broadcasts of riots in the regions. Despite heavy resistance, he orders no help (of some sort)

Back at the camp, Takehaya is informed the Nathan James is surviving because their mines are going off for some reason. Takehaya orders his men to finish them off. The screen briefly turns to an Asian (presumably Japanese) woman lying on a cot, whom Doc previously treated for malaria. She is Takehaya's wife, and she is pregnant with his baby.

Back at the Nathan James, the helo and RHIB are making good progress. However, right when they are almost done, an anti-ship torpedo is launched towards the James and is closing in fast. The RHIB decides to intercept as a possible suicide mission. Chandler deduces the shock wave of such an explosion could make the other mines explode. The interception is successful and the shock wave from the torpedo misses. The Nathan James hails the men on the RHIB, but they get no response. It is later revealed that the two men on the RHIB are okay.

At St. Louis, Michener is told the Nathan James made it through the mine field. Michener remarks that America will live to fight another day.

Back in his personal quarters, Chandler finds Sasha Cooper waiting there. The two exchange a few words, then Sasha gets up to leave, only to briefly kiss Chandler, stating that she didn't want him to die. Chandler looks at a picture of him and Mike Slattery, vowing that he will find him.




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