Ned Ramsey is Sean Ramsey's unstable brother aboard the Achilles and just like his brother, he too is immune to the Red Flu.


During the Red Flu pandemic Ned served as a sub lieutenant aboard the Achilles alongside his brother Ned. Unknown to the rest of the crew a lieutenant was infected with the virus and spread it to the rest of the crew. Everyone aside from Ned and Sean died of the virus and Ned struggled to keep the submarine level as the helmsman died. Ned starts panicking as all the crew have died save them and expresses worry at not being able to get home. Sean just calmly tells Ned that they will get home because he knows it. Ned later helped Sean build his Immune Army and took over Europe with him.

Events of The Last ShipEdit

When Sean learns that a US Navy ship has arrived with a cure to the Red Flu Sean moves up his invasion of America a month ahead of schedule. He sends Ned to lead a team of Immunes to raid a hospital ship called the Solace to destroy the lab, kill everyone there and get the locations of the other labs.

A nearby Navy ship docks near the ship and sends a team and engages Ned and his Immunes in a gunfight, killing many Immunes. Ian tells Ned they should leave, seeing that they got what they came for, but Ned hands a flashdrive to Juan Carlos and insists on fighting them. Ned then hails the US Navy over the Solace's radio and states they are going to die because they know how to fight better then they do. While walking Ian states he can't reach Giovanni's team and again implores Ned to sound a retreat, but ned is determined to kill all the US Navy personnel onboard. When Ian mentions it not being what Sean would want, Ned angrily tells Ian to never mention what his brother wants as he is the only one who knows what his brother wants.

Ned catches the US Navy loading people onto a boat and opens fire on them, killing Chief Mate Gonzales and wounding Wolf Taylor. Ned flees after the US Navy return fire and Comm. Chandler chases him. As Chandler corners Ned, Ned turns around revealing a detonator and threatens to blow up the ship. Chandler responds saying if he does he will take Ned with him. Ned presses the button but the bomb explodes away from the ship due to Tex Nolan throwing the bomb off the ship. Angry that his plan failed, Ned jumps off the ship and swims back to the Achilles. (“Solace”)

When Sean has Dr. Niels Sørenson, brought onboard the Achilles, Ned tells Niels to open his mouth and pulls a gun on him. Ned claims he doesn't like him and accuses Niels of betraying them before Sean tells him to lower his gun so Niels can sort through the paperwork they got from the Solace. Ned tells Sean he doesn't trust Niels and Sean responds that he doesn't care and Niels will remain their guest. Ned listens to Niels as he tells them about the Nathan James, Dr. Rachel Scott and its captain Tom Chandler. When Ned hears that Chandler defeated renowned Russian Admiral Konstantin Ruskov twice and killed him, Ned expresses disbelief before Niels confirms it's true. Niels stresses caution when dealing with Chandler but Ned states a destroyer can't touch a sub.

After they detect the Nathan James on passive sonar and plot a course to intercept, Ned notices they are turning to run away and urges Sean to fire on them and Sean says to mind himself. When Max urges Sean to act Ned agrees but Sean tells Ned they need to get closer to pick up Juan Carlos. Ned questions how Juan is supposed to get off the ship, if he's even still alive. Sean says he'll find a way but then Ned questions Juan's loyalty and Sean says it isn't a matter of loyalty but belief. After the ship disappears from radar, Ned suggests firing at random but Sean rebukes this as relying on dumb luck and when Ned brings up his seven Immunes comrades killed on the Solace, Sean angrily replies that they were his men and urges Ned to be patient.

While the crew start to argue with each other over their next move, Ned suggests going active sonar Sean says the Nathan James will hear them but Ned says they don't have much of a choice now, seeing as how they could be listening to them right now. After some thought Sean gives the order to go active sonar and target the Nathan James. Both fire torpedoes at each other and Ned braces as they crash dive to avoid impact. Ned hears the submarine scratching something and wonders what it with Sean explaining that the Achilles is scrapping the canyon walls. A few moments later, Niels barges onto the bridge with the location of one of the labs housing Dr. Scott's mentor, Julius Hunter and says he will have the locations of the other labs. After the labs are raided and/or destroyed Ned says now they will take out the Nathan James but Sean instead tells Ned that now they will take over America. (“Achilles”)

Sean takes a team of Immunes to shore in Florida, including Ned and Niels and congregate near a safe zone outside a mall in the Everglades. When Sean mentions there could be roughly fifteen million Americans waiting to join them, Ned doubts if they will all follow Sean's "we are the chosen" act. Sean firmly states it isn't an act and Ned says that the only cure left in the world is on the Nathan James and suggests hunting it instead of what they are doing now. Sean reminds Ned that the Achilles is useless until they repair the damage caused from scrapping the canyon walls and once it is done Ian will resume hunting the destroyer and Ned says they should be with them to sink that destroyer and go home. When Sean states he has a plan, Ned calls them moving from town to town locating more Immunes and pundits like them a bad plan. Ned goes further that he hates Florida because of the heat and that they should be back home living the good life. Ned then questions why Niels is still with them, Sean reminds him that Niels is the reason they found the labs and Ned sarcastically thanks him for his help before saying Niels creeps him out, calling him the "Grim Reaper". Sean reveals that they are going to use Niels to infect as many survivors as possible and find more Immunes.

Ned and Sean wait for Niels to return in an abandoned house and Ned finds a case of beer inside and offers one to Sean, but he declines. When Niels arrives on a bike he reports he infected everyone in the safe zone and should be dead soon save the Immunes. Ned finally loses his patience with Sean and accuses Sean of using this American invasion as an excuse to ignore his responsibilities back home and accuses him of being afraid to lead and that destroyer. Sean responds by pulling a knife on Ned and dares him to call him a coward again and offers him a choice: help him in creating his world of Immunes or join their mother in the grave. Ned defuses the situation by making a joke about Beyonce possibly being immune and both brothers laugh it off and hug.

When Ned later radios Ian on the Achilles and tells Ian to ignore his brother's orders to head to their location and to instead find the Nathan James and sink it and Ian acknowledges his orders. But before Ned can give him instructions on what to do the line goes dead and he throw to phone down in frustration. Ned joins Sean at a hotel where a bunch of American Immunes are gathering and listens to his brother's speech as Niels comes up behind him and reports that there are three-hundred and twenty people left and Ned calls him creepy again and joins his brother on stage. When Sean reveals that Jeffrey Michener is the US President, Ned is confused and asks why Sean never mentioned him and Sean just reassures his brother that he has a plan. (“Long Day's Journey”)

Ned guards Michener while he shakes hands with the Immune citizens alongside Sean and some other guards gathered in the hotel. Ned later tells Sean he still can't get in touch with the Achilles and surmises the destroyer must be responsible but Sean says it could be an equipment malfunction. When Ned suggests the Achilles could be under attack or sunk, Sean brushes this off saying there is nothing they can do if it is, despite Ned's protests. Sean then orders Ned to accompany Niels as he tests a new way to spread the virus on a group of people living in a nearby trailer park. When Niels asks why so many people are accompanying them, Ned says most don't know about his special assignment and are all part of a supply run and Niels is just a pit stop along the way.

Ned stops by the trailer park and questions why there are so many bears and Niels explain he made them all in anticipation to infect others on Sean's orders. Ned says they are just going to try one and go from there and Niels instructs him on what to do with the bear. Ned refuses to do Niels' dirty work but Niels says he can't because he could accidentally infect them himself so Ned asks for someone to volunteer. After someone volunteers Ned lies saying they are just trying to welcome their Non-Immune neighbors by giving them a teddy bear secretly infected with the virus.

When two people with them are revealed to be from the Nathan James, Ned and his men try to kill them and Ned shoots Niels trying to kill one and is shot himself. The just barely misses his head just scars his right cheek and ear. After returns to the hotel and learns they all escaped with both Michener and Niels and Ian fails to sink the ship, Ned nurses his wound and says he almost lost him because of his plan and Sean throws things on the ground in frustration and he wonders how this could've happened. Ned turns to Sean mentioning how he lost them and asks what he is going to do now. (“Alone and Unafraid”)

After Sean has a fleet of civilian ships blown up and frames the Nathan James of doing it, Ned watches with glee as Sean taunts the Nathan James over the radio. (“Friendly Fire”)

While Ned is watching Sean's video message to the American people, Ned mentions that the "new world order" bit was a nice touch. Ned later informs Sean that the Valkyrie System was destroyed by American civilians after they saw the Nathan James in the area. While Ned is distraught that the system was destroyed, Sean doesn't care as their message is out there and their people have heard the call to arms. Sean then shows Ned a manifesto he is writing and mentions how the Ramsey brothers, like Moses and Aaron lead the people to a new world and plans on giving it to MacDowell. Sean then tells Ned their mother would be proud of what they accomplished. (“Valkyrie”)

After Sean organizes a blockade of Immunes and American citizens to force the Nathan James into a trap, Ned monitors the maps. After they get reports that the destroyer has been sighted in Quarantine Bay, outside their blockade, Ned critisizes the American armada for letting that ship get past them. Sean reminds him that Ian is on land with a rocket battery for this reason and tells his brother not lose faith in him yet. When Ned gets more reports saying the destroyer is moving north-northwest very fast, Sean realizes Val is still alive and spoofing messages to make it appear that way.

When Sean just stands still, Ned asks what he is doing and Sean shushes him and states the destroyer is close by. Declan eventually pinpoints their location and Ned asks where they are, Declan simply points up, indicating the destroyer is right above them. The Achilles moves at full throttle to head to open water and give them enough space to open fire on them and Ned says the Nathan James know what they are trying to do and will make a move to counter that. After both the Achilles and Nathan James fire torpedoes at one another, One torpedo hits the Achilles and Sean orders Oliver to surface while facing the destroyer.

Oliver calls Sean crazy before Ned yells at Oliver to just do it. They prepare to fire on them again but their own rocket battery fires on them instead, having been commandeered by US Naval land forces. The crew attempt to abandon ship when Sean and Ned pull guns on them while Sean orders them back to their posts saying they are "chosen". The Nathan James and rocket battery both fire on the Achilles Ned is killed in the resulting shockwave and lays next to his brother who is still alive as the sub sinks to the bottom of the ocean. (“Cry Havoc”)

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