Oliver is the helmsman on board the Achilles.

Events of The Last ShipEdit

After the crew locate the Nathan James fire torpedoes and they fire on them, Sean orders Oliver to commence an emergency dive. Oliver does so while warning Sean that the water is too shallow at this depth and they will hit the bottom. (“Achilles”)

While Oliver is relaxing and laughing at Max's joke while the sub is being repaired, Ian come over and knocks his feet to the ground asking if they see the Nathan James. Oliver says all is quiet and Ian states just because the Ramseys are off the ship is no reason to get lazy and Oliver tells him it's all right. Ian takes offense at this disrespectful answer and reminds everyone of his rank and Oliver sarcastically says "aye sir" and returns to the helm. (“Long Day's Journey”)

Oliver steers the ship to radio depth after they discover that the Nathan James is nearby and heading toward their compound on land. Ian orders Oliver to dive immediately if they see any torpedoes heading their way. After they reach radio depth they try to catch the Nathan James and fire their torpedoes but disappear before they get the chance. (“Alone and Unafraid”)

After they get a report that the Nathan James has been spotted by at the Quarantine Bay, Sean has Oliver set a new course there to finally sink the ship. Sean suddenly tells Oliver to slow the Achilles down suspecting this isn't right. After they discover the Nathan James is right above them, Oliver turns the sub's engines at full speed as they try to get some distance to fire. Sean then orders Oliver to stay under them and as soon as they reach open water to dive and fire on the ship. Oliver engages emergency power in preparation to fire and dives the second the hit open water. After both the ship and sub fire torpedoes at each other, Oliver commences an emergency dive to avoid them.

One of the torpedoes hits the sub despite Oliver's steering and reports that they are switching to emergency generators. When Sean orders Oliver to surface and face he ship, Oliver asks if he is crazy before Ned yells at him to do it. Oliver did it but after their own rocket battery fires on them, Oliver tries to abandon ship with the rest of the crew but Sean and Ned hold guns to them trying to get them to stay, with Sean screaming that they are "chosen". The Nathan James and rocket battery fire consecutively on the Achilles, sinking it and taking the crew, including Oliver, with it. (“Cry Havoc”)

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