Pete Norris is the leader of the former Maryland State Troopers, now Avocet security, loyal to Amy Granderson and acts as her second-in-command.

Motion BookEdit

Pete first appeared maintaining order in a shelter with Detective Andrew Thorwald and Mike, as they prevent a group of potentially infected civilians trying to force their way in. During the struggle, Mike's hazmat mask falls off and Thorwald is forced to take him into custody with Pete’s assistance.

When Avocet started to overflow with civilians and losing the officers to protect it, Amy decides to turn Olympia into a camp to invite these people in. But instead of curing them, they will kill them and use their bodies as fuel to produce electricity while keeping a select few safe to restore the government and the human race altogether. She recruited Dr. Hamada to help run this facility while Lieutenant Norris is entrusted with its protection. Thorwald and Norris discuss the growing pandemic with Thorwald’s view being optimistic while Norris’ is pragmatic. Thorwald eventually arrest two Olympia workers for drug possession and leaves them with Norris while Sanchez processes them.

When Thorwald eventually figures out what is going on at Olympia, he kidnaps Hamada and the other scientists to try and overthrow Amy with his cop friends, Norris and his state troopers stop him. Thorwald calls Norris weak for following Granderson’s plan and exclaims he isn’t even a cop anymore and fires the first shot, hitting Norris in the chest. Norris survives because he is wearing a bulletproof vest and after the shootout ends reports to Granderson that Thorwald escaped with some of his friends and will go after him, but Granderson calls him off thinking he won’t survive on the outside. A few weeks later, Norris tells Granderson that Thorwald is still alive, recruiting more people to his cause, and turning people away from Olympia. Norris suggests attacking Thorwald head on, but Granderson decides to instead brand them as "Warlords" to destroy their credibility and just a minute later he hears the Nathan James hailing them.

Events of The Last ShipEdit

Season 1Edit

Norris then meets the crew of the Nathan James at the dock with several of his state troopers. When Granderson arrives to greet them personally and reunite with her daughter, Norris urges her to get back in her van when she is done and she heads back to Avocet with Chandler and Dr. Scott while he and his troopers head to the Nathan James. When he arrives he is greeted by Comm. Mike Slattery and tells him that Fort Detrick was destroyed by Thorwald and his “Warlords”. When Slattery asks about his family’s chances in Deer Park, Norris tells him that there are survivors there and will personally take him when they are off the ship. He is then given the cure by Dr. Quincy Tophet and thanks him afterwards.

Granderson later orders Norris to take over the ship and secure the crew onboard. To this end, Norris makes his way to the bridge where he shoots and kills the helmsman Seaman Ford and holds Slattery, Quincy, and Lts, Foster and Gator at gunpoint. Norris than orders Slattery to give the order to drop anchor, assemble his crew on the flight deck, and open the doors to the helicopter bay where the cure is stashed. When Norris and Slattery start arguing, Quincy tries to take Norris’ gun and Norris shoots him once in the stomach, barely alive. Norris then repeats his demands and Slattery reluctantly does it. (“No Place Like Home”)

Season 2Edit

His forces secure the Nathan James, while he holds the bridge and forces Rios to treat Tophet on the bridge instead of the medical bay. When Dr. Hamada fails to find the primordial strain of the virus he chastises Norris for not securing the lab first. Norris thinks Dr. Tophet hid the primordial before they got there and demands Tophet tell him (in reality, Rios took it when the state troopers were taking over the ship). He forces Rios to give Quincy adrenaline to wake him up and tell him what he wants to know. While Rio administers the drugs, Norris notices his medical bag and searches it looking for the primordial but doesn't find it. Norris asks Quincy where he hid it, but Quincy tells him he would never tell him where it is. Norris then holds Quincy's wife, Kelly, at gunpoint saying he will kill her if he doesn't. Slattery tries to stop him but is held back by Norris' men and Norris pistol whips him. Instead of giving Norris what he wants, Quincy opens up his wound to kill himself and protect everyone. After that he leaves the bridge to help Dr. Hamada look through all the medical files. They eventually find out about Foster's pregnancy and Hamada determines they can get the cure from her unborn child and Norris tells Granderson. Norris then orders Slattery locked in the chart room and to shoot him if he tries to escape, unaware, he did Slattery a favor by locking him in a room where escaped through a chute. Norris then forces Foster off the ship and to Avocet while he points his gun at Rios. (“Unreal City”)

After Chandler and his allies cripple the power plant, most of Norris' men are sent to retake the plant, giving the crew of the Nathan James an opening to retake the ship. His men are either captured or killed while the helicopter circling the ship is shot down. When one of his trooper reports that someone is using the cameras to the sailors' advantage, Norris realizes that Slattery escaped and is helping them. Norris runs to the comms room and tries to shoot him, but Slattery manages to knock the gun away from him. After a lengthly fight between the two of them, Slattery eventually manages to get the upper hand and impales him in the chest with an axe, killing him. (“Fight the Ship”)