The RFS Vyerni was a Kirov-class battlecruiser that once belonged to the Russian Navy, it has been a member of the Northern Fleet and was under the command of the renown Konstantin Ruskov. It is also notable that the Vyerni is an old variant of the class and had not gone through modernization before the pandemic.

After the pandemic, Ruskov and his crew wandered aimlessly on the sea and somehow, got the news of the Nathan James and its crucial mission, thus beginning their pursuit for the ship across the globe for the cure on-board and the key person of the project - Dr. Rachel Scott with the ulterior motivation of having the cure for themselves and becoming the new "owners" of the world.

The Vyerni and its crew was ultimately sunk in S1E8 by explosives planted on board during the rescuing of Captain Chandler.

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The Vyerni is an old Kirov-class Battlecruiser that has not went through modernization. It is nuclear-powered and is carrying on-board several nuclear warheads that has been seen in action once through its act of vaporizing France with one of its missile. The Kirov-class (and the Vyerni individually), are the heaviest and largest surface combatants in operation and is only second in size to a full-fledged aircraft carrier.

It has the length of 252m (827 ft), beam of 28.5m (94 ft) and draft of 9.1m (30 ft). It has a 2-shafts Combined Nuclear And Steam Propulsions (CONAS), 2 Nuclear Maritime Propulsions and 2 Steam Turbines. It has a shaft power of 140,000 (100,000 kW) and can achieved the speed of 32 knots (59 km/h). The Kirov has a bit more advantage than the Nathan James for its nuclear-fueled engines, rather than gas like the Nathan James, it gives the Kirov virtually limitless range navigating on the sea.

The Vyerni has a crew of about 710 personnel and also housed a lab compartment, which, unknowingly to them is operate by the patient zero of the pandemic rather than an immune disease-carrier and demure scientist - Niels Sorenson.

In "Two Sailors Walk Into a Bar", after Chandler and Tex are captured, a deal is made where Doctor Scott boards the ship in exchange for their release. The crew of the Nathan James use this as an opportunity to take out the Vyerni, tracking the ship through a tracker implanted in Doctor Scott's life jacket. An extraction team boards the ship, rescues Chandler, Tex and Quincy Tophet's family and sets up charges that destroy the Vyrnei's propulsion, disabling it. As the extraction team leaves the ship, further charges planted throughout the hull detonate, ultimately sinking the Vyrnei and killing all on board except Sorenson who manages to escape disguised as a Russian sailor.

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The Vyerni, though carrying various types of weapons, has never been seen using one on-screen. It is still unknown which weapon platform did the Vyerni used to launch the nuclear missile that was meant for France.


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The Vyerni was given over to Konstantin Ruskov prior to the virus outbreak. It was used to hunt down the American Destroyer, the USS Nathan James, and was ironically destroyed by the U.S. Destroyer's VBSS team.

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Sleeve Insignia
Sleeve Insignia of the Russian Northern Fleet


  • Though armed with a Close-In-Weapon System (CIWS) just like the Nathan James, the approach of the bomb-carrying rigid-hulled inflatable boat controlled by Lieutenant Danny Green and TAO Kara Green is not tracked and fired upon by the system but instead by the ship's crew with personal firearms.
  • Kirov-class nuclear battlecruisers in real-life do not carry nuclear warheads, although they are powered by nuclear reactors.
  • An Iowa-class battleship (museum ship) was used as a stand in for the Vyerni while filming.
  • While the name "Vyerni" ("Loyal") is within Russian Navy naming tradition, it is reserved for destroyers, not cruisers.


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