Lieutenant Ravit Bivas is a member of the Israeli Defense Forces who joined the team on the Nathan James along with Wolf Taylor after the ship's landing in Norfolk.


Ravit Bivas joined the Israeli Defense Forces. She became a Lieutenant, and was an expert diver and intelligence operator. Ravit was stationed in the West Bank for three years and Gaza for two years. Shortly before the outbreak, she participated in the USN's Navy Special Warfare joint operation Training program in Norfolk. She at some point befriended Wolf Taylor and was described as a sister to him.

Events on The Last ShipEdit

Ravit and Wolf are transferred to the Nathan James and are escorted to the mess hall by Lt. Green. Green introduces them to Tex, Miller, Cruz, and Burk. Burk personally introduces himself to Ravit and mentions he spent some time in a town outside Tel Aviv called Givatayim when he was deployed in the Gulf. Ravit simply congratulates him and walks away. Ravit later trains in the gym by using the punching bag while Wolf holds it steady. When Nathan James approaches the Solace, Ravit is one of the sailors assigned to a scouting mission on board the Solace.

Burk tries to bond with her over her choice of guns, but she just stays silent as she loads her gun. Ravit is assigned to Tiger Team with Burk and Tex to look for the lab on board the ship. Along the way, Ravit asks Tex if the vaccine she was given actually works and Tex reveals it saved him from the virus himself and Ravit says that is amazing. Tex stumbles upon a body and Ravit wonders if the virus killed him before Tex reveals bullet wounds in his back. Ravit finds a blood trail that leads to a dozen more bodies and concludes they were lined up and executed based on their wounds and the positions of the bodies.

After they get the location of the lab from Vulture team they head there and discover three hostiles raiding the lab. Burk and Tex prepare to shoot them through the glass before Ravit splits away, disguises herself as a doctor and enters the room pretending to have the cure and shoots all three of them in the head. After they determine the lab has been destroyed, they head to out. After they reach the ventilation room hostile tries to shoot her before Burk jumps in front of her and takes the bullet. Tex shoots and kills the hostile and Ravit checks on Burk, who says he is okay as the bullet hit his vest.

Ravit finds a bomb on the oxygen tanks and Comm. Chandler orders all hands abandon ship. Ravit attempts to follow those orders before Burk stops her saying they are not losing both the ship and lab. Ravit moves to disarm the bomb while Tex and Burk move the oxygen tanks out of the way. Ravit successfully disarms it, but notices a second wire leading to a second bomb and determines this one has a remote trigger and if they try to move it off the metal it will go off. Ravit manages to disconnect it from the first bomb but can't disarm the second bomb so Tex sticks a knife between the tank and the bomb. Tex successfully gets the bomb off and throws it off the ship before it explodes. Back on the Nathan James, Ravit asks about Burk's bullet wound and Burk says he is fine and is glad she is on their team. Ravit laughs and says she likes them because they are crazy. (“Solace”)

Ravit is assigned to Vulture Team directly under Chandler's command as they search Julius Hunter's lab to find his work and for clues to where the hostiles, now known as Immunes, are based. Ravit follows Chandler and the rest of the team as they follow the trail the Immunes left and Chandler takes Ravit and Burk with him to scout north of a nearby Immune camp while Green, Tex and Wolf scout the south. After they find five Immune mercs from the Solace in the camp talking to their submarine the Achilles, Ravit states they can take them but Chandler instead advises they wait to see where they are going. When they notice the Immunes are filling the buses to drive to an unknown location, Chandler has them change into civilian clothes Tex grabbed from the camp to blend in. Chandler then takes Ravit and Burk on the buses while Tex and Danny split into Tiger Team following them in a truck while Wolf is designated as Cobra Team and holds their equipment and tasked to find a rallying point. (“Long Day's Journey”)

Ravit reports to Chandler and Burk that she spotted six commandos guarding the next US President, Jeffrey Michener, and another four in the hallway and Chandler mentions he recognizes one, Ned, from the Solace. Ravit tells them she thinks he is just playing a part and is being held against his will based on how he presents himself and how closely the guards are sticking to him and Chandler decides to take him with them when they escape. While scouting the pool, Ravit notices a lone guard and gets next to him and manages to learn they are moving Michener tonight after flirting with him.

Ravit reports to Chandler and Burk that Tiger Team left on a supply run with other Immunes led by Ned. When Chandler mentions that Michener is here somewhat of his own free will, Ravit explains, there are layers to this group and he might not know the Immunes' real agenda. They form a plan to capture him by manipulating Michener. They initiate a fake bomb threat where Ravit and Burke lock the doors and Ravit pretends to be one of the first one to get out and says the doors are locked.

Ravit checks in on Burk after Chandler broke Burk's nose to get close to Michener and tells him not to be a baby about it. Ravit mentions Chandler's infiltration was probably successful and the transport is still on schedule. Ravit then moves in and kisses Burk and snaps his nose into place. Ravit then reveals she kissed him as a form of anesthetic while she fixes his nose and leaves. Vulture Team attempts to execute their escape plan until the alarm is tripped and Ravit reveals the courtyard is blown with a half dozen commandos guarding it and regroup in the kitchen. Together they knock out a guard and Ravit takes his gun and shoots at Michener's protective detail as they come in.

Ravit runs out of ammo so she sneaks around and attacks the head of security, Giovanni, only to get swiftly knocked down. Ravit grabs a fork and stabs him in the leg and shoulder. Giovanni grabs her, but Ravit stabs him multiple times in the chest and once in the eye, killing him while Chandler and Burk kill the other guards. Michener tries to leave when both Chandler and Ravit pull guns on him and move to escape the compound. They steal a van and escape the compound with Ravit sitting next to Michener. They reach the rally point at a baseball field and all get in a helicopter and fly back to the Nathan James. (“Alone and Unafraid”)

Ravit plays poker with Tex, Wolf, and Burk while they discuss Tex's life as a private contractor. When Tex says he has stories and the scars to prove them, Wolf asks him about them, but Tex refuses since Ravit is with them. Ravit calls him a big talker so Tex asks her about her worst story and calls her "sweetheart". Ravit tells him if he ever calls her that again, she will make him those pair of nines he is holding and Burk pushes her to tell them her worst story. Ravit replies saying death is death, no matter what war they fight in. Tex comments that she must be a riot at parties and Wolf warns him not to get her started. Wolf raises by five and Ravit counters by raising ten and asks Burk if he thinks she "has the goods".

Ravit heads out with a land team scouting for mussels for Dr. Rachel Scott's aerosolized version of the cure. When Burk is ambushed by a bunch of bounty hunter kids lead by Ray Diaz, Ravit helps surround them with the rest of the team and disarms them. Ravit later helps bind their hands together and guard them. After Diaz reveals the Immunes set a bounty on the Nathan James and agrees to help them, Ravit expresses doubt as to whether they should involve these kids in their fight. Chandler reasons that they are already in the middle of it and will stay on the ship until they find somewhere safe. Ravit counters that the Immunes' reach extends very far and anywhere they drop them could be just as dangerous and advises they leave before they find them, but Chandler says they need to find out how they are communicating.

She helps set up a trap for the Immune bounty hunters and later lies in wait for them with the others. She fights them and returns to the Nathan James with some of them as their prisoners. While dropping off their equipment Burk tells her not to blame Chandler, but she says she doesn't blame anyone. Ravit moves to leave when Burk tries to talk to her, but relents after Ravit is hostile with him. Ravit gets out the door when she closes the door and reveals that she thought she had always seen the worst humanity had to offer and when the virus broke out. She believed that now that they had a common enemy, they would stop the killing, but nothing has changed and leaves. (“Uneasy Lies the Head”)

Ravit comes into the men's room to take a shower when the women's runs out of the water. Ravit subtly tells Wolf to leave while letting Burk stay and Wolf whispers to her "be gentle". Ravit walks around the restroom and tells Burk that this "isn't the place". When Burk asks what that means Ravit clarifies that it isn't where sailors go to have sex. Burk says people don't have sex on the ship, but Ravit counters with the fact that Kara Foster is a few weeks pregnant while slipping in front of Burk. Burk says that was a mistake and both were punished for it, but Ravit is skeptical that so many sailors can live on the ship and not have sex. She then sits on top of the sink while locking her legs around Burk asking where it happens. Burk is adamant that there is no sex on the ship while Ravit continues to flirt with him. Ravit then gets down and says if there is no sex on the ship ,she wants Burk to get out and she takes a shower. Although not directly shown it is implied in the next episode that the two of them did have sex. (“Friendly Fire”)

Ravit accompanies Vulture Team as they are sent to the oil rig to find the mastermind behind Sean's Valkyrie System. While walking up the stairs Ravit teases Burk over the fact that he is wearing green shoelaces and when Burk asks if she doesn't like them Ravit simply responds that they will talk about it later. When the oil rig is attacked by American civilians who think they blew up a civilian fleet, Ravit works to close the gas valves after the AT4 that hit the rig caused gas leaks. Burk and Wolf arrive and after she tells them Lynn is dead they help her.

When they close all the valves but gas is still leaking, Ravit follows the noise to its source. After she located the last leak coming from the main fuel line, Ravit was caught in the explosions and carried back to the Nathan James on a stretcher by Wolf and Green and treated for her injuries. Ravit wakes up saying she can't feel her legs. Burk says it's because they are wrapped tight, but Ravit can tell he is lying and it's why he sucks at poker. Burk and Wolf stay at her side comforting her as she succumbs to her injuries. (“Valkyrie”)


During the Immune Wars, Ravit personally participated in several missions alongside the Nathan James crew to help spread the cure. Ravit is assigned to investigate Solace and personally killed three Immune soldiers while disguised as a doctor and disarms two bombs, saving the Solace and everyone on board. After discovering the Immune leader, Sean Ramsey, plans to have fellow Immune Jeffrey Michener inaugurated as President of the United States, Ravit works with Comm. Chandler and Burk to capture him realizing he doesn't know their full agenda. To this end, Ravit kills Michener's head of security, Giovanni, while Chandler and Burk kill the other guards and they all escape the Immune compound with the President.

Ravit later helps fight and capture several Immune bounty hunters, which eventually leads to discovering the Hangman app the Immunes were using to communicate with each other. On the mission to the oil rig, Ravit works to close all the gas valves after the oil rig is hit with RPGs and even though the oil rig still explodes, it would've been worse if she hadn't and died saving the sailors that survived. Ravit is remembered as a hero by Chandler, calling her one who died for the cause in his speech after she died while Lt. Burk and Senior Chief Taylor propose a toast in her name after the cure is being spread across the country.


  • Carlton Burk had a particular interest in Ravit.
  • Ravit is shown to prefer more compact weapons such as the Heckler & Koch MP7 other than the more widely used M4A1.
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