Rising Sun
Season 3, Episode 2
Written by: Hank Steinberg
Directed by: Michael Katleman
Running time: 40 minutes
Original airdate: June 12, 2016 (postponed)
June 19, 2016
Nielsen rating: 18-49 rating:
Viewers (million):
The Scott Effect

CNO Tom Chandler must find a way to return to his old crew and to investigate a dangerous, new enemy.   


Chandler, Cooper, and Wolf are horrified by the destruction of the plane when suddenly Peng's men show up. Acting fast, the three race off, initiating a car chase. They lose Peng's men and Cooper informs Wolf to head to a certain building where she has a lead.

Meanwhile, the members of the Nathan James find themselves on a moving ship, where they are placed in a cage surrounded by armed men. Green and Burk are walking through the streets of Hai Phong trying to make their way to the docks. Back aboard the James, Cameron Burk decides to look for the three ships. Back home, President Michener and Kara remain unsure on what course of action to take, waiting for word from Chandler.

Admitting to smuggling the cure out of the country, Cooper takes Chandler and Wolf to her business partner and helicopter pilot, Jesse. Handling the side effects of Peng's rule poorly, the three find her drunk and somewhat unconscious on the living room couch. After Cooper convinced Jesse she was not in cahoots with Peng, Jesse agreed to help them.

Meanwhile, the USS Nathan James picks up another unidentified signal. They soon discover that it's one of the other ships they picked up earlier. Ignoring orders, they immediately follow it. The mystery unravels when the captives discover that their captors aren't Chinese. Back in Hai Pang, Green and Burk lure a group of gunmen on the docks into a warehouse and a gunfight ensures. They kill all but one of the gunmen who is seriously wounded. The two try to question the man but he dies before he gives any real information.

Arriving at the docks, Chandler confronts Cooper about her smuggling operations and suspects that Peng discovered their smuggling attempts. Cooper contradicts this theory, however, claiming that her head would already be on a spike.  She assures Chandler that there is a bigger play at stake. 

Back aboard the Chinese ship, the captives try to understand their captors' weird behaviour. While an injured Mason is taken away followed by a sea-sick Diaz, the captives are served well cooked food. The crew begin to unravel where they are being taken. Eventually, the ship doctor suggests it is possible that they (and thus the ship as well) is being led around in circles.

Discovered at a checkpoint, Jesse, Chandler, Cooper, and Wolf are forced to gun down a squadron of Peng's men, quickly racing towards a radiation zone. Discovered there as well, the four barely make it onto Jesse's helicopter on time.

Back home, Michener is concerned that he hasn't heard back from Chandler but is contacted by Peng and told that Chandler's plane had crashed. In a well coordinated deceit, Peng sends Michener and Kara a fake transmission, detailing an engine failure on Chandler's plane. Unable to deny the evidence, the two are forced to believe him.

Green and Burk steal a boat and head on course with the Nathan James. They send up three flares to signal the vessel, but suddenly a pirate vessel shows up. Meanwhile, Chandler's helicopter uses its radar to alert the James of their presence, then Chandler sends a code to let them know it's him. The four intersect, destroying the pirate vessel. In a touching moment, the crew is reunited aboard the James as news reach back home.

Back aboard the Chinese ship, the captors are pumping blood from Mason's body, their intentions unknown.




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  • Although credited as EWO the name of Hina Abdullah’s character is given as Dalia Jaffe in previous and future episodes.

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