The Last Ship Season 1 Episode 7
Season 1, Episode 7
Written by: Jessica Butler
Jill Blankenship
Directed by: Michael Katleman
Running time: 42 minutes
Original airdate: August 3, 2014
Nielsen rating: 18-49 rating:
Viewers (million):
Two Sailors Walk Into a Bar

After picking up a distress call near Jamaica, Chandler and a small team stage a rescue attempt. But a surprise attack leave Chandler and Tex stranded at sea. Slattery and the crew search desperately to find their lost at sea Captain and his comrade, hoping to do so before their enemies beat them to it.


Six months prior to the outbreak, In Oslo, Norway, two scientists chat about the virus. The younger scientist talks about gene-splicing. The older scientist states it is too dangerous, however, the younger scientist says he has already experimented on himself and that he is completely healthy. The older scientist leaves in fear of becoming infected. The younger scientist’s wife arrives and kisses him. She says she is beginning to feel a little under the weather, but also is planning a trip abroad to London and a few other places.

In present, the Norwegian scientist is the one who has been working on the Russian ship. The scientist tells Ruskov that Dr. Scott will probably require monkeys to test her vaccine and that she will probably try to get them from somewhere in Central America. Dr. Scott has discovered that the gene added to the virus is a human gene. This seriously complicates her research as there are only two monkeys left. She tells Chandler.

Communications Officer Will Mason hears an S.O.S from a fishing vessel named the “Octopus.” The young woman on the radio says that the ship started off with 50 people, then dwindled to 15, and now she was the only survivor. Scott thinks that this sole survivor has a natural immunity to the virus. Scott, with aid from Mason convinces Chandler to attempt to rescue the stranded girl.

Chandler is convinced that contacts the girl via radio. He lies that he is a fisherman and that he was on a fishing vessel. Chandler then leads two teams to board the Octopus ship to look for the sole survivor. The Russians managed to overhear the transmission between the sole survivor and the Nathan James, prompting Admiral Ruskov to ambush the Octopus ship. Chandler and his teams locate the sole survivor, named Bertrise from Jamaica. However, two zodiacs from the Russian warship arrive on the scene, ambushing the teams.

Chandler gets Bertrice on one of his boats and sends it back to the Nathan James while Chandler and Tex takes the second boat and engages the Russians in a boat shootout. Chandler wins the shootout, however, his boat has suffered some damage and was taking on water. Chandler and Tex disembark from the boat and are left floating in the middle of the ocean.

Chandler radios in to the Nathan James and gives a final order to cease all rescue operations in fear that the Russians will hone in on the Nathan James' position. Slattery refuses to give up the search. Ruskov realizes that Chandler is lost in the water somewhere and sends an aerial drone to search for them. Slattery’s officers detect the drone. As the drone approaches Chandler’s position, Slattery orders Lt. Kara Foster to fire a missile to destroy the drone. The drone is destroyed.

Slattery then sends a Seahawk helicopter on one last run to find Chandler. He interprets that Chandler would attempt to swim to a nearby reef. The Seahawk hones in on what appears to be the Chandler and Tex's position, at the exact same time, another helicopter finds Chandler and Tex and hoists Chandler up. Chandler is brought onto the helicopter, but instead, he is greeted by the Russians.




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