Season 3, Episode 10
Written by: Ira Parker
Directed by: Mairzee Almas
Running time: 41 minutes
Original airdate: August 21, 2015
Nielsen rating: 18-49 rating:
Viewers (million):

When a strange order comes in from the White House, Chandler is forced to make a difficult decision.



  • Tom Chandler: "I need to retake command of the ship. There's a way out of this, but technically, it involves me committing treason. So if you want nothing to do with it, I'll understand."
  • Sasha Cooper: "Tell me the goddamn plan."

  • Tom Chandler: "I've spent half my life in the Navy. Like you, I did everything right. Worked my way through the pipeline just to get my chance to lead. Nathan James was my first command. Suddenly... I was thrust into a situation that no one can prepare you for. The world was turned upside-down and all the rules were thrown out. But... the Navy taught me many things. Most importantly, it taught me to adapt. I had to make some difficult decisions. God knows I made some mistakes. But never once did I waver from what I knew to be right -- the core values that run through all of our veins. Honor... courage... commitment. And I served my sailors as they served me and as we all serve this great country of ours. I didn't ask for this. I could've taken this uniform off at any time. But I always believed in the work that we were doing as a team and the decisions that I was making as a captain. And though my tactics changed to address an insane world... my resolve and my dedication to the Navy never faltered. I stand by my record."



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  • As seen on the letter Chandler hands to Sasha Cooper, the episode takes place on May 31, 2014.
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