Commander Stavros Diomedes is the commander of the HS Proteus under the command of Vice Admiral Demetrius. After Demetrius starts to disagree with his plans, Stavros was placed in charge of the Hellenic Navy by the Vellek family and promoted to Vice Admiral in Demetrius' place.

Following the destruction of the Proteus in "Detect, Deceive, Destroy," Starvos took command of the HS Triton. In "Endgame," after the ship was sabotaged by Tom Chandler and Sasha Cooper, Starvos personally took control of one of the Triton's .50 caliber machine guns after its original gunner was killed by fire from the Nathan James. Starvos managed to take down one of the American gunners, but Kara Green returned fire with the Nathan James Close-In Weapons Systems, killing Starvos.

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