The Scott Effect
Season 3, Episode 1
Written by: Steven Kane
Directed by: Michael Katleman
Running time: 41 minutes
Original airdate: May 30, 2016 (special premiere)
June 12, 2016 (postponed)

June 19, 2016
Nielsen rating: 18-49 rating:
Viewers (million):
A More Perfect Union
Rising Sun

Tom Chandler is sent to Asia to investigate a possible mutation of the Red Flu. Captain Slattery and his crew deliver the cure to southeast Asia but they might be heading toward an unforeseen threat.


It has been four months since Dr. Rachel Scott's murder and the discovery of a cure for the pandemic that wiped out eighty percent of the world's population. Reporting live from St. Louis, President Jeffrey Michener addresses the population of the United States via radio. According to Michener, the American Reconstruction Plan was on course, the cure being spread far and wide to other parts of the world. While things were not perfect, they were slowly going back to normal.

Meanwhile in Southern Japan, with several bodies lying around, a woman tries to administer the cure to her son but the boy dies. The virus has mutated. Noticing this, Michener calls Chandler into his office for debriefing. According to Michener, the rumors of a possible mutation in Japan led the U.S. to suspect foul play on the part of President Peng Wu of China. The president sends Chandler to Asia to investigate and look for lingering signs of the disease while he was there.

Shortly after, Chandler calls Slattery, who is now in command of the USS Nathan James, to warn him of the possible danger as they head to Vietnam. The James has been sailing around the world delivering Dr. Scott's cure. Andrea Garnett is now Executive Officer while Carlton Burk's older brother Cameron Burk joins the crew as the ships new Tactical Action Officer.

Arriving in Hong Kong with Valerie, the two are enthusiastically greeted by Wolf Taylor, who Chandler had called ahead of time. The pair are greeted by Sasha Cooper, who presents herself as Peng's translator. Following a short reunion, the four head to a political dinner with the Chinese president.

Arriving in Vietnam, Nathan James settles off coast, with a majority of the crew heading to shore for a celebratory dance. Carmeron Burke is left in charge while his brother Carlton and Captain Slattery are among those who go ashore.

At dinner with Peng and several other ambassadors, Chandler "pokes the elephant" by asking Peng if he knew what the Scott Effect was. Not waiting for an answer, Chandler informs him that the effect represents the number of people needed for a cure to spread effectively. If that number was not reached, a disease had the potential to spread, with the cure eventually burning out. In a subtle power play, Chandler accuses Peng of neglecting his duty to spread the cure, opting to keep it all for himself for the sake of political China. With animosity forming between the two, Peng excuses himself from the table.

Back in Vietnam, the crew of the Nathan James is in full rager mode, with Slattery clearly uncomfortable. Slattery flags down Danny Green telling that he's being sent home to see his wife and newborn son to his excitement.

On the James however, Cameron Burk picks up three unidentified ships heading to their location. Alisha suggest warning Captain Slattery, but Cameron thinks calling on an open channel is a bad idea and sends the helicopter instead. In the club, Slattery decides it is time to go and has Rios gather the crew when he notices the men from the Seahawk and thus realizes something is wrong. 

Suddenly the lights go out, leading to a brutal ambush of the party and its particopanta. The members of the James are captured and taken into captivity. Green and Burke are able to make it out and find their way to the Seahawk only for a truck to show up and destroy the helicopter with a RPG missile launcher.

Meanwhile, Chandler steps outside to see a much softer Peng then the one that had presented himself at dinner. He appealed to Chandler, informing him that he was doing his best. Parts of the conversation felt off, however, with Peng words appearing more as a warning than an emotional appeal. Suddenly after, Chandler receives the information of the events in Vietnam and learn that the president has ordered him home. As Cameron Burke list off the names of those MIA (Missing In Action), Kara makes a tough decision, ordering the ship to wait for reinforcements.

Just as he was about to head back with Valerie, Chandler realizes the missing members of the Nathan James might still be alive and disembarks from the plane just before it takes off. He meets up with Wolf and Cooper and tells them his plan to go to Vietnam and look for his old crew. Meanwhile, Valerie finally descrambles a voice communication and turns the plane around so she can inform Chandler. Chandler, Cooper, and Wolf notice the plane turning back when suddenly the plane is blown out of the sky to the three's horror.


  • “I’m not worried about tigers. I brought a Wolf.” ( Chandler to Sasha Cooper)



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  • Although credited as EWO the name of Hina Abdullah’s character is given as Dalia Jaffe in previous and future episodes.

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