Timeline of the events of The Last Ship.

Timeline Edit

2013 Edit

  • May: Egyptian flu outbreak begins. CDC sends Dr. Rachel Scott to Cairo to investigate. Niels Sørenson experiments with the virus and inadvertently weaponizes it, causing the start of the global pandemic.
  • June: USS Nathan James departs from Norfolk.
  • October: Crew of the Nathan James is attacked by Ruskov’s men in the Arctic. Crew of the Nathan James goes to Gitmo and encounters former Al-Qaeda inmates. At Gitmo, the Nathan James also faces the Vyerni for the first time.
  • November 5th: Crew of the Nathan James goes to Nicaragua to obtain monkeys for Dr. Scott’s experiments.
  • Late November—Early December: The Nathan James destroys the Vyerni. Dr. Scott successfully creates a cure for the Red flu after the Trials. The Nathan James arrives in Baltimore and becomes involved in the conflict against Avocet. The Immunes begin their rise to power.
  • December 11th: United States President Jeffrey Michener arrives onboard the Nathan James.
  • December 23rd: After defeating the Immunes, the crew of the Nathan James arrives in St. Louis and begin spreading the cure. President Michener is officially sworn into office. Dr. Rachel Scott is murdered.

2014 Edit

  • May 13th: On the 154th day of Michener’s presidency, he sends Captain Tom Chandler to Hong Kong.
  • May 14th: Takehaya’s pirates kidnap Captain Mike Slattery and five members of his crew from a nightclub in Vietnam.
  • May 27th: The Nathan James gets trapped in one of Takehaya’s minefields and eventually is able to pass it.
  • May 28th: Captain Slattery and his crew are rescued by the Nathan James.
  • Late June: Two weeks after resolving the situation in Asia, the Nathan James returns to America to stop the coup started by Allison Shaw and the regional leaders. Captain Chandler resigns his commission and leaves America.

2015 Edit

  • Early 2015: With increasing human immunity to the Red flu, the virus regresses to attacking plants in order to survive, becoming the Red rust and starting the global famine.
  • October—November: Sixteen months after Captain Chandler left America, he is pulled back into the fight when he returns onboard the Nathan James. After several weeks of conflict with the Vellek family, the Nathan James proves victorious, finding a cure for the Red rust and ending the global famine.

2016—2017 Edit

  • 2016—2017: With the pandemic and famine over, the world begins to rebuild itself. Gustavo Barros begins his rise to power as leader of the Gran Colombian Empire. The Gran Colombian Empire somehow steals an Iowa-class battleship and reconditions it for their use.

2018 Edit

  • December: The Gran Colombian Empire declares war on the United States by attacking its Naval Fleet at Fleet Week in Mayport.

2019 Edit

  • March: After three months of war, the US obtains the key to victory through acquiring important intel from former Gran Colombia war strategist, Dr. Manuel Montano, in Jamaica.
  • June: The US successfully invades Gran Colombia and kills Gustavo Barros, ending the war. The USS Nathan James is scuttled after battling and destroying Gran Colombia’s battleship.
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