Toshiro is Takehaya's second-in-command and a pirate with a known temper. He led the group of pirates to a nightclub in Vietnam which resulted in the capture of many Nathan James personnel, the fatal wounding of Will Mason, and the deaths of Lincoln and Vietnamese representative Tran Ha Binh.


Before the Red Flu outbreak, Toshiro worked as a chef at a hotel in Macao preparing fancy food for fancy Americans. Whenever Toshiro would cook his food he would never wash his hands after using the restroom because he hated the people he served food to. Toshiro managed to survive the pandemic long enough for the Americans to develop a cure to the virus and awaited its arrival. When it finally arrived however, it didn't work and most of Japan's population dies from the virus except Toshiro and a few others. They managed to discover they could survive by getting blood transfusions from people who have the cure already. Toshiro later joined Takehaya's crew and together vowed revenge on the people they think led to their near extermination because they supposedly gave them a fake cure: The American government.

Events of The Last ShipEdit

Toshiro is first seen examining the bodies of US Naval personnel after his pirate crew shoots up a night club and captures several US Navy personnel from the Nathan James. Toshiro determines that two of them managed to escape and orders his men to find them. (“The Scott Effect”)

Toshiro watches as his men violently lead their captives to their cage to be held and later has Will Mason forcibly moved from the cage as he is bleeding out. Toshiro has his men bring them food and orders the Nathan James crew to eat while also forcibly removing. Toshiro is heard ordering that they pump Wilson dry of his blood before his heart stops. (“Rising Sun”)

Toshiro leads the hostages to their main hideout and when Slattery asks who their leader is Toshiro slaps him in the face and escorts them onto land. As they enter the village, Toshiro sarcastically welcomes them, tells them to rest and to enjoy their new home. After some of the hostages temporarily escape Toshiro gathers them together and points a gun at all of them as they video tape it to America. (“Shanzhai”)

Toshiro directs the pirates to torture Ray Diaz and Eric Miller for trying to escape while they tape the whole thing. Toshiro tells them he will teach them to stay the same way he taught his dog to stay, by beating them. After Toshiro breaks Miller's ankle, Takehaya orders Toshiro to stop so they can preserve their blood supplies. Toshiro later has Slattery removed from the others to pump more of his blood. When Miller taunts Toshiro again he calls Miller a funny man and proceeds to step on his broken ankle for a while and leaves. After they bring Slattery back Toshiro has Andrea Garnett taken to pump her blood next. (“Devil May Care”)

When the Nathan James gets near their location, Toshiro reports they have sailed directly into one of Takehaya's minefields and Tekehaya has Toshiro monitor the situation. While Takehaya is with his wife Kyoko, Toshiro reports that the Nathan James is navigating through the minefield by prematurely detonating the mines he orders him to fire their torpedo at their position to detonate the remaining mines and sink the ship. Toshiro angrily throws crates around when the torpedo fails to detonate close enough to trigger the other mines and the Nathan James remains standing. (“Minefield”)

Toshiro suggests that they should draw in and fight the Nathan James but Takehaya refuses, ordering a retreat instead. Toshiro argues that there is no honor in running and Takehaya asks to be left alone with Toshiro. Takehaya rebuffs that there isn't any honor in putting Kyoko in danger and Toshiro bluntly says he isn't with Takehaya to fight for his wife. Takehaya grabs Toshiro and states he needs their blood just as badly and if they die everyone dies and lets Toshiro go. Takehaya says they will fight on Takehaya's terms by getting Kyoko and the baby to safety with the others and wait for the right time to sink that ship. Toshiro escorts the captives into moving supplies in preparation to leave. Toshiro tells Slattery about his life before the Red Flu when he asks, but fails to notice Garnett slipping away until Takehaya points it out.

When Nathan James tracks down their location, Toshiro hides in an underground tunnel holding Miller at knifepoint with Kyoko and and another pirate holding Rios at knifepoint. When they leave Kyoko starts to fall, Rio catches her but Toshiro pushes him away. Rios says he needs to treat her because she is sick but Toshiro simply says to run a line and use Miller's blood since he is her blood type. Rios says he needs medicine but Toshiro insists he simply do the transfusion. When the Nathan James crew find the tunnels and neutralize them and the Chinease MSS arrive, Toshiro orders the pirate to grab everything they can and run. Miller knocks the pirate out with a stick and Toshiro pulls a gun on him. Toshiro says he will execute Miller despite Kyoko needing his blood when Rios grabs a pair of scissors and stabs him in the neck with them, killing Toshiro. (“Dog Day”)

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