Two Sailors Walk Into a Bar
The Last Ship Season 1 Episode 8
Season 1, Episode 8
Written by: Josh Schaer
Cameron Welsh
Directed by: Michael Katleman
Running time: 41 minutes
Original airdate: August 10, 2014
Nielsen rating: 18-49 rating:
Viewers (million):

With Chandler and Tex caught in a dangerous situation, Slattery has to step into the role as commanding officer. Torn between a mission with the fate of the world at stake and a Captain (and friend) in danger, Slattery has to find a way to get his people back without losing the most important asset: the vaccine prototype.


The helicopter harboring Chandler and Tex lands on-board the Kirov-class battlecrusier. Chandler is brought to Admiral Ruskov, who is also sitting with Qunicy’s wife and daughter. Ruskov would like to have a conversation with Chandler, but Chandler only recites his name, rank and serial number. Ruskov talks anyway, telling Chandler that his hubris led to his downfall. Meanwhile aboard the Nathan James, Dr. Rachel Scott explains some of the microbiology concepts to Bertrise. Later, Scott looks through a microscope and finds that her vaccine works. She informs the rest of the crew, surprising everyone.

Ruskov calls Slattery and demands Dr. Scott and all of her work in exchange for Chandler and threatens to destroy the Nathan James if they failed to comply. Scott volunteers to go over to the Russian ship to save Chandler. She convinces Slattery by saying that Ruskov will chase the Nathan James to the ends of the Earth until he gets the vaccine. Ruskov then gives Slattery coordinates far from his ship and he’ll send the helicopter to pick up Dr. Scott.

Lt. Danny Green and Cosetti devise a plan to rescue Chandler. Burk instructs Scott on how to use a pistol and hides it along with an un-attached suppressor under the vaccine samples in the case. Before Scott leaves, Slattery praises her and says she is very brave. Dr. Scott is brought onto the Russian ship wearing a life jacket that had a tracking device hidden inside it. Scott is brought to Ruskov and demands to see that Chandler is okay. When Chandler is brought in, he is surprised that she is there and Scott immediately kisses Chandler mouth-to-mouth, passing a small piece of paper and metal through the kiss. Scott is brought to the lab, where Norwegian scientist Neal Sorenson introduces himself. Scott deduces that Sorenson added the human gene to the virus. Scott is mad that Sorenson’s modification (injecting human DNA into the virus) made it much worse. Sorenson thought his DNA would help save the human race and remains adamant when Scott says she has already found a cure, believing that her vaccine wouldn't work without him. Back at the cell, Chandler reads the note that says “ladder room, port side 0400."

Ruskov arrives at the lab and is mad at Sorenson for wasting his time. Ruskov tests the vaccine by injecting one of his senior lieutenants with it and then placing him inside the quarantined lab with Sorenson. Chandler is able to draw the Russian guard close to him and then Tex slashes the guard's throat with the tiny blade. They free themselves from the brig. Later, they deal with a few guards and steal their weapons. The extraction team arrives and meets Chandler at the rendezvous point. Chandler and Tex are handed a suppressed rifles. The team starts planting charges around the ship. Chandler makes a quick detour to also rescue Quincy’s wife and daughter.

Meanwhile, one of Ruskov’s officers reports that Chandler has escaped. Ruskov says not to sound the alarms so as to not alert Chandler that they know he has escaped. Ruskov sends an officer to fetch Dr. Scott. When the Russian officer arrives at the lab, Scott saids there’s a second part of the vaccine that she has to administer to the infected officer in the quarantine lab. Scott reaches for the pistol in the bottom hidden compartment of the case. She fidgets with the silencer for a while; her hands are shaky. She ditches the suppressor and shoots the Russian officer in the lower shoulder and then in the head. She doesn’t shoot Sorenson, he points out that the virus would spread if she shot him through the quarantine dividers. Chandler's team shortly arrives and disarms Scott.

Cossetti triggers one explosive that takes out the propulsion system. Ruskov figures this means that the rescue boat will arrive at the Russian ship’s stern, so he orders his men to lay in wait and prepare an ambush. Chandler figures out that Ruskov knows that he has escaped. Chandler orders his team to avoid the stern and find a new route. Surprisingly, Ruskov interprets that Chandler knows that he has been informed of Chandler escape and that Chandler knows that he has planned an ambush at the stern. Ruskov then orders his men to run a thorough search of the deck. Chandler’s team is found and a firefight ensues. The Russians lose. The rest of the charges are set-off and Chandler’s team escapes on the rescue boat. Sorenson has escaped from the lab in disguise wearing the uniform of a Russian sailor.

On the rescue boat, Green praises Cossetti's strong performance. Unfortunately, Cossetti had been shot fatally during the rescue, he collapses and dies on the spot. Slattery is soon notified that the rescue team has returned. He goes out to the deck and sees Lt. Green carrying Cossetti's body.

He is relieved to see Scott and Chandler.

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"My name is Thomas Chandler, Commander, United States Navy 24206423."

"Hey, shut up or I will kiss your ass!" - Russian Guard with Bad English to Chandler and Tex

"Now you can kiss my ass!" - Tex Nolan after killing Guard with Bad English



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