USNS Solace (T-AH-21) is a Mercy-class hospital ship of the United States Navy. To escape the Red Flu virus, the Solace sailed offshore with a skeleton crew and 15 scientists as well as equipment for a bio-lab to produce the cure.

In "Solace," a team of Immunes led by Ned Ramsey boarded the Solace looking for the cure. The mercenaries killed some of the crew, destroyed the lab, and tried to blow up the ship. The rest of the crew and the ship was saved by the crew of the USS Nathan James. The Immunes however managed to get away with some of the Solace's documents that would later help them to locate and destroy the cure labs.

After the battle, the Nathan James crew manage to get the Solace and its crew underway back to Norfolk, however, one of Solace's scientists had chosen to stay aboard the Nathan James.       


The USNS Solace (T-AH-21) is a Mercy-class hospital ship whose home port is in Norfolk, Virginia. It was run by a skeleton crew from the Military Sealift Command.

Solace has a length of 894 ft, beam of 106 ft and displacement of 69,552 long tons and has a speed of 17 knots. Solace had a patient capacity equal to Intense Care Wards: 80 beds, Recovery Wards: 20 beds, Intermediate care wards: 280 beds, Light care wards: 120 beds, Limited care wards: 500 beds, Total Patient Capacity: 1000 beds, and Operating Rooms: 12.

Solace's Departments and facilities consist of Casualty reception, Intensive care unit, Radiological services, Main laboratory plus satellite lab, Central sterile receiving, Medical supply/pharmacy, Physical therapy and burn care, Dental services, Optometry/lens lab, Morgue, Laundry, Oxygen producing plants (two), Medical Photography, Four distilling plants to make the drinking water from sea water (300,000 US gallons per day).

Before leaving port, Solace was retrofitted for a bio-lab to produce to cure for the Red Virus. The lab however was destroyed by the Immunes on S2E4.


Usually Solace would be operated by a crew of 71 civilian and 1,200 military. But due to the pandemic, Solace was operated by a skeleton crew from the Military Sealift Command.


  • Solace is given two hull codes: on the ship's manifest, it has the hull code T-AH-19, however, when the James is trying to contact it, the ship is given the hull code T-AH-21.
  • A real Mercy-class hospital ship has been used for the filming of the USNS Solace: the USNS Mercy (T-AH-19).

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