The USS Javier Cruz was a newly-built ship of the US Navy that was commissioned during the 3 years between the end of Season 4 and the beginning of Season 5.

The ship was named in honour of Master At Arms First Class Javier Cruz, a member of the crew of the USS Nathan James from the ship's mission to the Arctic in the first episode to the missions versus Takehaya's pirates during season 3. Cruz was a core member of the ship's VBSS team, and was killed in action during the mission to rescue the members of the crew being held hostage by Takehaya.

USS Cruz, along with its 2 newly-built sister ships: USS Michael O'Connor, and USS Howard Oliver, along with USS Nathan James, escorted the also-newly-built Navy flagship, USS Jeffrey Michener, to the Fleet Week celebrations in Mayport, Florida.

During the attack on Fleet Week by Gran Columbian terrorists, USS O'Connor and USS Cruz were critically damaged, and both sank within an hour.

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