Red Flu White House
The White House is the central location of American power where the President lives.

Motion BookEdit

During the motion book, the President of the United States manages the Red Flu crisis from the White House with the Army stationed outside guarding the front lawn. However, as the pandemic worsens, the soldiers fall ill and die of the virus and the President is moved to a bunker beneath the White House where he eventually falls ill and dies himself. The bunker is later decontaminated and inhabited by newly-sworn in President Kelly Geller, but Amy Granderson chooses to go to Baltimore instead.

Events of The Last ShipEdit

Shortly after an attack by the Russians, Commander Tom Chandler receives a call from President Geller in the White House bunker who informs him of the gravity of the situation and instructs Chandler to take Doctor Rachel Scott and her samples to a lab in North Carolina. Following a nuclear strike on France, the Nathan James loses contact with the outside world for at least five days. When communications are restored, they find a five day old message directing the Nathan James to Mayport Naval Station and a lab in Jacksonville instead. When the ship tries to contact the Pentagon and the bunker, they receive no response. Chandler realizes that the bunker was compromised and the President and everyone inside are dead as their phone is ringing, but no one is picking up. (“Phase Six”)

After returning to the United States with a cure, the Nathan James crew visit the White House which is in shambles with red X's painted all over the outside and blood splattered on a portrait of Abraham Lincoln. The crew retrieves hard drives from the building while Danny Green determines that the compound is abandoned with no signs of life. Though Danny attempted to open the bunker, it proved to be impenetrable with no response to his attempts to call within. The Nathan James then abandons the White House to continue on to Norfolk Naval Base. (“It's Not a Rumor”)​​

Following the restoration of the American government, the White House apparently remains abandoned in favor of the Old Courthouse in St. Louis.

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