Wu Ming is a pirate heading a smuggling operation out of Shanzhai.

Events of The Last ShipEdit

Sasha Cooper comes to see Wu while in his office counting money and she greets him. Wu asks what kind of trouble she is in now and introduces him to Cap. Tom Chandler and immediately calls her crazy for bringing him here and he doesn't want trouble with the MSS. But he does know he is here to find the Nathan James crew members that were kidnapped and denies any knowledge of it.

Chandler offers him the latest in US Navy weapons for information but Wu instead asks for Chandler's watch as he recognizes it from the movie Top Gun. In exchange for the watch Wu tells them about a pirate named Kenji who was bragging about kidnapping and throwing money around until Wu threw him out and is probably in Luilichang. Chandler hands Wu the watch and shows it off to his men after Chandler and Cooper leave. (“Shanzhai”)

After Takehaya reveals he got the Nathan James' location from Wu in exchange for not pirating certain ships with a black dot on them, the Nathan James returns to Shanzhai looking for him. When they discover Shanzhai firebombed by Peng Wu, they assume he is dead and head to Yunma to look for Ming's family who may have Wu's intel. Wu Ming is revealed to be alive and being tortured for information by Lau Hu before Chandler and his team save Wu by killing Lau and his team.

Wu's sister gives him a drink of water and Wu hands Chandler back his watch. Wu tries to blame Chandler for bringing the MSS here and killed everyone in Shanzhai but Chandler says Wu and Peng started this and demands to know what Lau wanted from him. Wu refuses to answer Chandler's questions but they find the lottery tickets containing ship coordinates and one with a black circle. It is later learned Wu was helping smuggle missiles across Asia for Peng so he could spread his anti-cure to the neighboring countries. (“Sea Change”)

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